Minetta Street Productions Opens SAINT HOLLYWOOD

Jan 07, 2010, 10:00 ET from Ideal Glass Gallery

NEW YORK, Jan. 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Comedian Willard Morgan flew to Hollywood to chase stardom and crashed headfirst into the towering studio walls. He was rescued by the dreamers of Sunset Boulevard and he dubbed these do-gooders the "Saints of Hollywood." Somewhere along the way, he discovered that he had become one of them himself.

- Stage Show - In his one-man multimedia musical descent into the belly of the show business beast, Morgan introduces us to this lineup of unlikely advisors: Vuzar, the Mexican transvestite paraplegic who conducts a lucrative phone sex business from her pink People Mover; Champ, a/k/a Lord Anthony, the ex-prizefighter knighted by the King of Greece for building the royal stretch limo; Dennis Woodruff, the actor who has made a high-profile career out of never being cast in anything; and many others. These real-life Saints, whose unique journeys have lifted them into the realm of the sublime, offer their encouragement and the occasional well-placed kick to Morgan on his odyssey to the perfect gig. Performances, featuring a live rock band, begin previews January 25th for a February 4th opening.

- Art Installation and Fashion Show - SAINT HOLLYWOOD is the inspiration for the art installation, STUFF - THE GARAGE SALE OF DREAMS, which re-invents the ubiquitous graveyard of Hollywood's disposable kitsch as a heroic work of interdisciplinary contemporary art. STUFF includes sculpture, photography and video and officially opens with the heavenly SAINTS OF HOLLYWOOD FASHION SHOW on February 5th. Creations by Uta Bekaia, avant-garde fashion designer and theatre artist from Tibilisi, Georgia, will be presented as a dazzling catwalk bacchanal. Using the stuff of L.A. thrift stores and garage sales, Uta's designs are a sequined-and-spiked, unapologetically glamorous vision of transcendence in recycled urban street wear.

Presented by Minetta Street Productions, the stage show SAINT HOLLYWOOD begins previews January 25th for a February 4th opening at Ideal Glass Gallery (22 East 2nd Street, NY, NY 10003). Suggested $10 donation at the door. The installation STUFF will be open daily from February 6th. For hours and information visit www.sainthollywood.com. For reservations, call 212-598-3030.

Sequence of Events:

January 25th: Stage show previews begin

February 4th: Stage Show opening night

February 5th: Fashion show (one night only)

February 6th: Art installation opens

SOURCE Ideal Glass Gallery