Minority Youth Matters Movement Asks: Will Corporate Sponsors Continue To Fund NASCAR's Racist Policies Of Exclusion?

Aug 26, 2015, 05:00 ET from Minority Youth Matters Movement

ATLANTA, Aug. 26, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Minority Youth Matters Movement (MYMM) would like sponsors to rethink their policies of supporting NASCAR. Sponsors such as Sprint PCS, Xfinity, Camping World, Bank of America, Home Depot, Lowe's, M&M, GM, Dollar General, Menards and Budweiser, etc. These sponsors are doing nothing to ensure that NASCAR enforces their policies to promote minority participation throughout NASCAR industry.

There are no track owners, no team owners, no crew chiefs, and one part-time minority driver participating in any of the three NASCAR Series. The lack of minority presence in the NASCAR organization is unacceptable! Kelloggs, Cheez-it, Cottondale, Cheerios, Reese and Skittles are products our kids engage in every day, but yet our children are not made to feel welcome in the NASCAR industry. Today we are calling out the NASCAR sponsors and demanding they hold themselves and NASCAR accountable by making a commitment that NASCAR will become a more inclusive organization. 

The BASCAR Community stands with us on September 20th 2015 in demanding that sponsors stop tolerating the discriminatory behavior currently exhibited by NASCAR.  Therefore, we call for minority children to be afforded the same opportunities to participate in the World of NASCAR and that minority youth are granted equal access to work as well as compete in the NASCAR organization without prejudice or retribution.  

We demand that these sponsors send a message to NASCAR today! That NASCAR must STOP the pretense of having diversity programs and apply pressure to NASCAR! That they begin today, enforcing the policies they have on their books and implement a model that works throughout their organization. If not, then sponsors will send a clear message to the minority community "that you don't want our dollars" and that they support the continued segregation of NASCAR for our community. Corporate sponsors continue to allow NASCAR to exclude and blatantly ignore the vast talent we have in the minority community. For more than 50 years sponsors have taken our money to market and promoted a sports organization that minorities or their children do NOT benefit from. Sponsors: you can do more with your marketing dollars than support an organization that doesn't reflect America's values.    

MYMM will be forced to encourage boycotts of your brands, services, and products if you continue to support exclusion in NASCAR.



SOURCE Minority Youth Matters Movement