Minority Youth Matters Movement To Protest NASCAR & Sponsors

Aug 24, 2015, 05:00 ET from Minority Youth Matters Movement

ATLANTA, Aug. 24, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The Minority Youth Matters Movement announces its intention to begin a national movement directed at NASCAR Motor Sports, its racing team owners, and sponsors. The Minority Youth Matters Movement (MYMM) will launch a nationwide campaign in 14 cities and 17 locations throughout the United States on September 20, 2015!

  • Chicago, IL - Chicago Motor Speedway
  • Washington, DC - The White House
  • Harlem, NY
    • Magic Johnson Theater
    • Subway
    • Bank of America
  • Seattle, WA - in front of Home Depot
  • Atlanta, GA, Centennial Park - The World of Coke, Coca-Cola, Cheez-It
  • Miami, FL - Sprint, XFinity, Camping World
  • Daytona Beach, FL - NASCAR Corporate Headquarters 
  • Charlotte, NC - NASCAR Hall of Fame
  • Memphis, TN - FedEx Corporate Offices
  • Nashville, TN - Dover Speedway
  • Dayton, OH - Lowe's 
  • Dallas, TX - Sprint Store
  • Kansas City, KS - Mobile 1 & Quaker State
  • Waycross, GA - M & M, Kellogg & Tide


Who is MYMM?

MYMM is a movement of well-informed consumers and the BASCAR Community (BASCAR is minority community that has a love for NASCAR) who know where their dollars are being spent and what companies are benefiting from our purchases. We are a national network of loyal minority communities, leaders, families, civic groups, students, sport fans, community leaders and faith-based organizations of all races and cultures, Hispanic, African American, Asian and other nationalities.  We are one collective voice for a common cause.  We want our businesses and youth engaged. We want NASCAR and the sponsors who support this regime to understand fully who 50% of their true customers are and the products and services we buy to elevate their bottom lines. We need these sponsors to support our minority organizations, interests and open the doors of diversity.

The purpose of the MYMM Campaign

Our goal is to bring awareness to the American people and consumers around the world of the injustice and disregard to potential minority ownership within NASCAR. Our voice will be heard on every corporate sponsor's doorstep questioning their inconsistencies in their missions to support diversity in sports. We will have 19 kids holding MYMM Banners for 48 minutes at each of the 17 locations. This number represents the year NASCAR was birthed in America, 1948.  NASCAR has had sixty (60) plus years to incorporate diversity in their sport and failed on numerous occasions. NASCAR earns a profit of $3.2 billion dollars annually.   Where does diversity come into play? We understand the corporate mission is to brand your product name that contribute to the success of NASCAR, but what is their corporate mission on diversity and inclusion?

"But let's be real Sprint, Budweiser, Mobile1, Valvoline, XFinity, Bank of America, Nationwide, Lowes, Home Depot and all others. Your brand and products have been purchased by minority groups for decades throughout the world. These astonishing results are itemized and publicized in your quarterly reports showing tremendous earnings for your companies. Wake up, Corporate America, because the reports and earnings are about to change.  It's time to tell the world and educate the world on the lack of diversity and inclusion in NASCAR!   It's time to boycott those brands who continue to contribute to the NASCAR legacy and not to the youth whom you've seemed to have forgotten as the consumers who make up to 50% of your earnings." 

What we are looking to accomplish:

Minority leaders from across the nation are working together to form a Motorsports Association to collaborate with sponsoring corporations and to partner in developing a comprehensive diversity program. This program will support minorities in becoming influential in the business of NASCAR.   Our goal is to design, develop, and manage a program sponsored by interested corporations to meet diversity and inclusion milestones within the sport as well as engage our newly formed partnership with NASCAR. This association will design, develop, and implement an entirely integrated minority program with checks and balances in collaboration with NASCAR.  We are reaching out to all corporate sponsors of NASCAR to give them an opportunity to understand our concerns and challenges in breaking the current mold with the NASCAR brand.  NASCAR does not exist without the funding and contributions from concerned corporations.  We need corporate support to transform this movement into a well-supported partnership; therefore we are giving NASCAR an opportunity to conform to diversity and inclusion as other sports have accomplished (NBA, NFL, MLB and others).

The NASCAR attitude toward diversity

Terrance Alton Cox lll (founder of Diversity  Motor Sports), the minority national leaders, and the BASCAR community have reached out to NASCAR on several occasions to propose a diversity program called "Reach One, Teach One" that would increase opportunities for the minority community to engage with NASCAR. Not only did NASCAR refuse to involve itself in this program, but they also would not even take a meeting with minority leadership to discuss diversity. We found the following statements to reflect the general attitude of NASCAR:

Zachary Daniel Corporate Counsel from NASCAR, in a letter sent to the minority community and DMS:

"NASCAR is not interested in pursuing any partnership or affiliation with Diversity Motorsports, LLC or your Reach1Teach1 platform."

"Nor do we have any interest in developing further relationship in diversity or S.T.E.M. education initiatives with you or Diversity Motorsports, LLC."

He even went as far as to threaten Terrance Alton Cox lll with banishment for being too persistent in trying to advocate for diversity In NASCAR.

July 2015

Twitter statement from Mr. Scott White, the President of Roush Fenway Racing Fan Club: "I could say the NFL is RACIST against whites because of the amount of Blacks and Hispanics in the league but I don't."

"There is finally a BLACK BOY (Buba Wallace) with talent, and he deserves the ride he has at Roush."

May 2015

Lesa France Kennedy quotes: CBS Sunday Morning Show.

As she stated in her interview: "Our grandstands need to look like America."

Terrance Alton Cox lll

"The minority leaders, the minority community, and the BASCAR community will not stop these protests against NASCAR and Sponsors until minority youth are integrated and engaged in NASCAR."

Our movement may seem like a threat to some, but it's a concern to us.  Concerns which have to be heard loud and clear from the voices that make a difference, from consumers who believe in your published diverse missions, as well as invest their loyalty to this mission and brand.

Why is NASCAR so different from everyone else in accepting diversity? 1948 to NOW doesn't make sense, as the minority community and the BASCAR community, have power today! The power to buy brands and products we believe in and provide support within the minority communities we represent. So think about the investments you make when in selling us advertising through well-designed commercials to catch our attention during TV shows and better yet, the biggest viewership event, the NFL Super Bowl. An enlightened concern can uncover inconsistencies very quickly and change the curve of flow charts at stockholder meetings. 

MYMM will protest any corporation who decides to become the title sponsor for the NASCAR CUP series.  We will protest at every branch of their organization beginning with their headquarters. Additionally, we will encourage the American consumers to boycott the sponsor's goods and services. 

Let it be clear to NASCAR, Sponsors, & Corporate America. This movement will not stop or be delayed. It will continue until it spreads across the globe and catches the attention and hearts of millions of viewers and consumers who invest their time and dollars into NASCAR. We encourage you to take note and engage immediately to avoid future protest engagements that have already been designed and scheduled with community leaders across the nation. We want the public to see how quickly you react to this concern.  Think about the positive impact as well as the increased market share of the NASCAR fan base when you do engage.




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