MinuteLab Raises $2M from Glilot Capital Partners

Creates a fully functional and interactive development lab environment

May 17, 2016, 08:00 ET from Glilot Capital Partners

TEL AVIV, Israel, May 17, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

Minute Lab, has recently secured funding of $2M by Glilot Capital Partners, who specialize in the area of Enterprise Software.

Founded by Rami Shalom and the 'techie' brother and sister team, Moshe & Daphna Litvin, Minute Lab offers a powerful, containers-based virtual labs for developers to enable true agile development by making interactive and automated code development in a live environment, easy.

Setting up a fully functional, production-like lab environment for developers to interactively execute their newly written code has been a critical component of their daily work. Minute Lab intends to capitalize on offering developers and DevOps teams a way to save a significant amount of time and resources in building and maintaining their software. The company will offer its virtual lab solution as a service for a variety of team sizes and projects.

"Facing a rapidly growing demand for innovation and functionality on the one hand and agility and quality on the other, developers today are placed between a rock and a hardplace," explains Rami Shalom, Minute Lab CEO. "Without proper tools to empower their skills and spend their time on what really matters, developers end up delivering less while spending more time on building their code"

The company will offer its solution for free for individual developers and open source projects. It will offer software as a service, delivered as virtual clustered servers running multiple dev/test labs in the cloud, as well as on premise software for enterprises that demand it.

"The progression into a software-based economy is driving large corporations to make unprecedented investments in development practices and tools to enhance their productivity and quality," says Arik Kleinstein, Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Glilot Capital.  "In software economy leading corporations establish their edge with their ability to deliver better software faster. They do so by adopting new practices like continuous integration, continuous delivery and DevOps, as well as new dev tools that allow them to rapidly develop and release new software. This wave is clearly manifested by an increase in enterprise spending in development tools over the past three years and the adoption of new development practices"

Over the past 12 months, Minute Lab has built an alpha release of its product, enabling individual developers to setup their own labs locally or remotely on co-tenant servers. Aligning with development best practices, Minute Lab allows swift spin-up and teardown of lab environments on demand, for development teams to efficiently manage as many lab environments as needed to deliver better quality code faster thus reaching the continuous integration phases better prepared.

"Minute Lab's solution has great potential to solve a common problem developer's face," says Moied Wahid, Dir. of Software Development in PayPal Inc. "The growing complexity of hundreds of interrelated microservices spread over many servers creates a real challenge to developer productivity. We need a mature solution which will allow our developers to untangle some of the complexity in building state of the art software. By easily setting up their own lab environment developers accelerate the development life cycle."

The first round of financing allows Minute Lab to improve its existing product and expand sales.

For further information please contact:

+1-650-567-6522 | rami@minutelab.io
+972-54-6833983 | Hagar@glilotcapital.com


SOURCE Glilot Capital Partners