mirabyte® Announces FrontFace™ 2 - The New, Intuitive User Interface for All Versions of the Windows Operating System!

Oct 12, 2012, 12:00 ET from mirabyte Software

HAMM, Germany, October 12, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

mirabyte® announces FrontFace™ 2  - The new, intuitive user interface for all versions of the Windows operating system!

mirabyte, a software company providing custom, Windows-based user interfaces and professional digital signage solutions today announced the release of FrontFace 2 for Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. FrontFace is a software application that brings a new, improved user interface experience to the Windows operating system while maintaining full compatibility with all existing Windows applications. FrontFace greatly improves the usability of Windows on touchscreen computers but is also very well suited for non-touchscreen devices like netbooks, normal desktop PCs and notebooks since the intuitive, simplified user interface is ideal for people with no or only little PC experience (e.g. beginners, children or even elderly people). For experienced users, FrontFace offers a lot of options to individually customize the user interface, e.g. for the use on media center PCs. In combination with the new Windows 8, FrontFace helps to improve the touchscreen interaction with classic desktop applications!

FrontFace 2 - At a Glance:

  • Improved user experience, for both touchscreen and normal computers
  • Simplified app switching (full multi-tasking support), also available for any existing Windows application
  • Fully customizable start page with interactive widgets
  • Users can customize the UI according to their personal preferences
  • Support for integrated, native FrontFace apps, Windows applications and Web apps in one single user interface
  • Optimized access to the Windows Start Menu, Desktop and user documents
  • Integrated FrontFace Market portal for downloading new apps and widgets for free
  • Compatible with all common Windows versions (XP, Vista, 7 and 8)
  • Windows 8 alternative for users that want to stay with their current Windows version but look for a modern (touch-friendly) user interface
  • Improved interaction with classic desktop applications on Windows 8
  • Clean installation and totally risk-free: No permanent changes or tweaks are being applied to the underlying Windows system configuration

FrontFace 2 - The new user interface for Windows PCs

The classic Windows user interface helps users to work very productively but when it comes to touchscreen computers or when less-experienced people work with Windows, the deficits of the UI turn out like tiny buttons and too much overall complexity. FrontFace is an all-new, intuitive user interface for Windows that has the solution: "With FrontFace we address users that on the one hand want to stick to their current Windows version instead of moving to Windows 8, but on the other hand look for a stylish and intuitive user interface." said Dr. Joachim Schwieren, CEO of mirabyte. "Although touchscreen devices are in the main focus of FrontFace, the software also suits very well for less experienced PC users and even professionals that want a fully customizable user experience!"

FrontFace 2 - User Experience

Especially when working with a touchscreen-enabled computer like a tablet PC or an all-in-one PC the Windows user interface is not very handy at all. Even on Windows 8, only the new "modern UI" applications explicitly address touchscreens while the classic desktop remains more or less the same as in Windows 7 and previous versions. FrontFace 2 brings a great-looking and highly touch-optimized user interface for all Windows versions, ranging from Windows XP to the latest Windows 8. It supports native FrontFace applications like a custom Web-browser, a picture viewer and many more along with normal Windows desktop applications and Web apps in one single interface. There is no need to switch between different UIs like in Windows 8!

FrontFace SELECT for business, OEM and custom enterprise applications:

A highly customizable version of FrontFace for professional applications is also available: FrontFace SELECT. This version of FrontFace can be fully customized and tweaked to perfectly fit for the use on kiosk systems, self-service terminals or special-use PCs as typically seen in the business, logistics and health-care field. Additionally, FrontFace SELECT allows OEMs to create a customized and even re-branded version of the software for redistribution on their PC systems, tablets or netbook computers.

FrontFace 2 - Core features:

  • Customizable start page with interactive widgets
  • Custom user interface themes are available
  • Integrated touch-optimized Web browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox can be used alternatively as default browser, too)
  • Support for USB mass storage devices and digital cameras
  • Integrated notification center for aggregated system information, RSS and social network updates
  • Support for Windows system tray applications
  • A global, application-specific context menu for common commands like copy, paste, new, save, etc. increases productivity, even for applications that are not touchscreen-optimized!
  • Optimized access to Windows Start Menu, Desktop and user documents
  • Integrated FrontFace Market portal for downloading new apps and widgets for free
  • Built-in "Windows mode" for direct access to the classic Windows desktop or modern UI apps (in Windows 8) with additional accessibility tools for touchscreens
  • Multi-language support. FrontFace 2 will initially be available in English and German. More languages are following shortly.

Availability and Pricing

The latest version - FrontFace 2 - has been heavily enhanced and improved, compared to FrontFace 1.x, based on a lot of customer feedback. It is immediately available for purchase at $39.95 from the mirabyte Website. The price includes free updates for all upcoming versions and free support for life-time! Users of FrontFace 1.x get the new version for free as well. FrontFace SELECT, a modular and customizable version of FrontFace is also available for business use, OEM and for custom enterprise applications. A fully functional trial version can be downloaded from the mirabyte Website.

Web Page: http://www.mirabyte.com/en/products/frontface/

Screenshot: http://www.mirabyte.com/go/frontface2-screenshot.jpg

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