MIS Offers Free Needs Assessment For Business

Micro Integration Services Asks, "Does your company need a customized app?"

Nov 12, 2011, 12:00 ET from Micro Integration Services

MEDFORD, N.J., Nov. 12, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Micro Integration Services (MIS) is offering businesses a free needs assessment to assess whether a customized product could improve their business.  

While the popularity of apps continues to spread, especially among consumers, their use for business requires a more calculated and reasoned assessment, says app expert Glenn Smith, co-founder of MIS (misdb.com).

Many businesses still ignore the benefits of apps, or they're succumbing to developing one for the wrong reason, Smith says.

It's important to assess what can help drive revenue and efficiencies and how to use an app to achieve those basic goals, he says.

"If you create a targeted app, a business will suddenly see improvement in areas such as selling via mobile devices, keeping customers informed to build loyalty and empowering the work force for more efficiency," Smith says.

Smith offers selling via mobile as one example of how an app can change your business overnight.  "This is a great way to increase your customer base because you make the process of ordering timely and easy," he says.

For example, a pizza business could create an app allowing customers to enter their order directly into their smartphones or tablets and have it print out directly to the counter.  The app could specify pick up or delivery and display the total cost right on the screen.  Ease of use is key.  You could also use the app to build loyalty by accumulating points for your purchases with rewards, and include a "today's special" that gets sent as a text message to constantly remind customers that you are there and working hard to please them.

Customized apps also are effective for B2B use. "Text messages can also be sent to the salesperson to greet a person when they arrive at a trade show as a result of them signing in with the iPad they use to view the presentation," Smith says.  "Also, a survey could be included to get feedback about the presentation and the clients' needs."

MIS systems allow extension of data to the mobile user, which includes clients, work force and vendors. They also provide reporting and administrative features via custom Web-based software and their work centers on the integration of smartphones and databases. For more information about the Free Needs Assessment, call 800-667-9418 or visit misdb.com.  

SOURCE Micro Integration Services