MISO South Takes Next Step in Integration

South region utilities begin market day simulations to ensure a smooth transition

Oct 03, 2013, 14:33 ET from MISO

CARMEL, Ind., Oct. 3, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- This week marks the start of market day simulations for entities in the MISO South region and is an important step for customers joining MISO. Market simulations allow customers to test how well their systems work with MISO's systems culminating from months of coordinated integration activities. This phase of testing is a big step to completing readiness activities for a successful December launch.

"We're satisfied with our progress," said Todd Hillman, Vice President of MISO's South Region. "The transition is going very well; stakeholders are participating and providing invaluable feedback in our integration workshops. We believe we're on target for a seamless integration."

Next, participants will submit data to MISO's Independent Market Monitor in mid-October, followed by a partial year financial transmission rights auction in November. All readiness activities remain on schedule. To help keep all market participants informed, MISO maintains South Region Integration web-pages, including a timeline of milestones, entity and program readiness dashboards and integration checklists on its website. Along with the recent trainings and regular outreach in the MISO South region, the market simulations further the likelihood of a successful integration.

In June, MISO expanded its reliability coordination services, managing flows along an additional 18,000 miles of the interconnected bulk transmission system in the South. Beginning Dec. 19, MISO will coordinate all RTO activities in the newly combined footprint giving MISO responsibility for 65,280 miles of transmission lines –making MISO one of the largest power grid operators in the world.

"With only 76 days to go, the transition is nearing completion," added Hillman. "We're looking forward to expanding the reliable and efficient dispatch of power to consumers in our South Region as we move into 2014."

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