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Dec 01, 2015, 12:01 ET from MissBella

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MissBella is your one stop shop for fashion-forward clothing and accessories at prices that you can afford. Cheap clothing does not have to look cheap. Now you can emulate your favourite celebrities, choosing looks that could be from the wardrobes of the likes of Michelle Keegan, Cheryl Cole or Jessica Wright and you can look great for a fraction of the cost. This is catwalk-worthy online fashion for those who want to look their best every day. Whether you are heading for a night out or popping to the shops, MissBella always allows you to look modish, day or night.

MissBella is the next social media sensation. Bursting on to the fashion scene with a trend-setting burst of energy and interest, MissBella goes from strength to strength online and has already seen huge growth due to online interest through Facebook and other social media channels. Get up to date with the latest thing in affordable fashion and check out the MissBella collections. Make sure you are not behind your friends when it comes to cheap fashion purchases online. Be ahead of the curve and in style when you shop online at MissBella.co.uk.

MissBella is so hot right now, she is even hobnobbing with celebs. MissBella clothes are modelled by TV personalities who exemplify the MissBella brand. A MissBella girl wants the lifestyle of a celebrity, loves life and is out to party. She is a social butterfly. She loves the glamour of dressing up in the most fashionable, hottest styles. A MissBella girl wants to be seen. She is not afraid to strut her stuff and stand out from the crowd. Live glamorous for less when you shop online for affordable clothing and accessories from MissBella.

This chic online fashion store is the brainchild of brother and sister team, Katie and Lee Whitbread, youthful entrepreneurs with their fingers on the pulse of UK fashion and clothing retail online. Katie is the fashionable, MissBella girl with an instinct and passion for fashion. She studied fashion and has lived and breathed it for years, which is why she has teamed up with her brother to bring affordable fashion to all those people who love fashion as much as she does and want to look great every day. Why settle for less when you can look your MissBella best?

Lee Whitbread has the online commerce experience to understand what it takes to get the word out about this great new fashion brand. With prior experience as an online entrepreneur, he understands the importance of social media marketing and investing in pay-per-click advertising. He knows just how to operate in the online universe, making it all the easier to join up with all those customers looking for their affordable fashion fix. This sibling team is the dream team for affordable fashion and have already been doing a great job of getting the word out about this exciting new brand.

Online popularity is an important part of recognising the potential of a new company. MissBella definitely has its finger on the pulse. On Facebook and other social media outlets the numbers of likes and shares are increasing exponentially as more and more people discover what this enticing brand is all about. In the world of online clothing retail reputation on the web is everything and this brother, sister team are making it happen. Young people looking for fun and affordable fashion online are already coming across this new brand and discovering chic and modish fashion that works for them.

MissBella is the next big name on the online high street. With young directors and a fresh new vision of affordable fashion online, MissBella is sure to make her mark. Check out the cheap online fashions and turn every road in your town into your own personal catwalk. MissBella has the fashions to make you a star and the constellation is growing every day. The fashion future awaits and MissBella is looking fine. Join her and become the fashionista you were born to be, without breaking the bank. Join the many fashion fans who have already discovered MissBella's surprisingly affordable clothes and accessories and find your own sparkle and shine as we dive headlong into 2016.

For more information, visit: https://www.missbella.co.uk

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