Mission Health System Releases First RIVA-produced IV Solution into Production

Oct 08, 2010, 10:00 ET from Intelligent Hospital Systems Ltd.

WINNIPEG, Oct 8 /PRNewswire/ - On October 2, 2010, the Mission Health System in Asheville, North Carolina released the first RIVA-produced IV solution into production. The RIVA System (Robotic Intravenous Automation) is a self-contained unit for filling IV syringes and bags, from Intelligent Hospital Systems (IH Systems). Mission Health System will be using the RIVA System as part of a comprehensive update in the pharmacy's technology and distribution infrastructure.

"Mission Health System's introduction of the RIVA System into production marks another breakthrough in robotic innovation for pharmacies," says Niels Erik Hansen, Chief Executive Officer of IH Systems. "We are delighted that Mission Health System, a facility that operates under a Certificate of Public Advantage issued by the State of North Carolina, is setting the benchmark for enhanced patient safety and the reduction of potential medication errors," Hansen explains.

In addition to supporting USP 797 compliance, RIVA allows the Mission Health System to compound ready-to-use sterile doses that are currently manually compounded or purchased from outside vendors. For Bill Shields, Director of Sales, Americas, IH Systems, the meticulously executed site plan demonstrates that RIVA has met the parameters for sterility, accuracy and reduction of compounding risk. "Mission Health System's introduction of automated IV solutions into production has reinforced the important role the RIVA System plays in helping health care facilities meet their patient safety goals through a strategic investment in robotic automation. We are thrilled to see the unit put into action," says Shields.

RIVA System (Robotic Intravenous Automation) - a self-contained unit for filling IV syringes and bags - is developed by Winnipeg-based medical device company Intelligent Hospital Systems. For more information, please visit href="http://www.rivasystem.com">www.intelligenthospitals.com.

SOURCE Intelligent Hospital Systems Ltd.