MIT Museum's Polaroid Exhibit to Feature Exclusive Lady Gaga Polaroid Photograph; Bobby Sager Announced as Polaroid's New Chairman

Polaroid Celebrates Its Legacy, Reinvention and Vision Toward the Future

Jun 30, 2010, 17:30 ET from Polaroid

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., June 30 /PRNewswire/ -- Polaroid today gathered at the MIT Museum to celebrate the brand's rich 73-year history and bright future. Polaroid presented an exclusive photo of Lady Gaga, Polaroid's Creative Director, to the MIT Museum that will become a part of the Polaroid artifacts at the museum, while naming Bobby Sager as Chairman of the Board for Polaroid.

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"The Polaroid artifacts are of major significance to the MIT Museum not only for its intrinsic technical and historical value, but because of Dr. Edwin Land's strong connections with MIT," said Deborah Douglas, the MIT Museum's curator of science and technology. "Our present display celebrates this extraordinary gift but we are already beginning plans to showcase the artifacts in a way that not only explains the technology, but also will feature the personal stories about the people who developed and used these amazing innovations, including Lady Gaga and her role as Polaroid's new Creative Director."

Merging Polaroid's past with its future, the iconic Polaroid 20x24 inch view camera captured the image of Polaroid's Creative Director Lady Gaga taking in inspiration for her upcoming product line at the MIT Museum. The Polaroid 20x24 inch view camera is part of the 10,000 Polaroid artifacts that the new owners of Polaroid donated to the MIT Museum in May 2010.

"Polaroid stands for the iconic magic of instant photography, while continuing to evolve and adapt to evolving technology," said Bobby Sager, Polaroid's Chairman of the Board. "We are committed to honoring Polaroid's heritage by delivering new products that embody the simplicity, innovation and fun that Polaroid has always represented."

Lady Gaga's recent appointment as Polaroid's Creative Director is the first of many corporate objectives toward developing the new and exciting products – introducing Polaroid to a new generation. Earlier today, Lady Gaga presided over a product design and development session for future Polaroid products.  Today's session is a milestone in the road to developing Lady Gaga's co-branded Polaroid products that blend fashion, technology and photography.

"Bobby Sager not only brings leadership, creativity and vision to Polaroid, but a true passion for guiding the brand into the future and preserving its rich history," said Stephen Miller, CEO of Polaroid and Principal and Managing Director of Gordon Brothers Group. "A photographer and philanthropist by heart, Bobby will play a pivotal role in expanding the Polaroid experience and connecting Polaroid to his numerous charities around the world."

The MIT Museum announced preliminary plans to unveil a large scale exhibit based on the full Polaroid artifacts to the public in 2013. The artifacts range from original newsprint sketches by Polaroid founder Edwin H. Land to SX-70 cameras that defined the instant photography era to every make and model of commercially produced Polaroid cameras.

"Polaroid is proud to continue the tradition of supporting and drawing inspiration from the creative community," said Eric Kaup, CEO of Hilco Consumer Capital. "Celebrating Polaroid's legacy and planning for its promising future, MIT provided the ideal setting for today's creative session with Lady Gaga."

The Polaroid brand's new owners, Gordon Brothers and Hilco Consumer Capital are building on the value of Polaroid's 73 year heritage with a family of best in class partners for product development, marketing, distribution and licensing.

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