Mitsubishi Motors North America Looks to OneCommand to Fuel a National Communication Program

Aims to Re-engage Mitsubishi Service Customers with No Service History in At Least 2 Years

Nov 14, 2011, 08:30 ET from OneCommand

CINCINNATI, Nov. 14, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- OneCommand (, a leader in multi-channel marketing solutions for the automotive industry, today announced that it has been awarded Mitsubishi Motors North America's (MMNA) National Parts and Service Communications Program. During the program's initial pilot, OneCommand delivered lost soul, recall and Spring Car Care communications to Mitsubishi customers using voice, email and direct mail. The targeted audience consisted of Mitsubishi owners who had not been in for service in at least two years and the outstanding response achieved continues to prove OneCommand's value and service marketing expertise.

In April 2011, OneCommand delivered a Spring Car Care campaign via voice, email and direct mail. This campaign generated over $800K in customer pay revenue amongst an audience that was previously categorized as inactive.

"We are proud to have been awarded the National Program for Mitsubishi Motors North America," said Marvin Grimm, Executive Vice President of OneCommand. "Our leadership and expertise in multi-channel service marketing increases service frequency, customer response rates, satisfaction and, ultimately, the Manufacturer and dealership's bottom lines. We are excited to work with Mitsubishi to positively impact these critical areas."

OneCommand recognizes the value that this unique, often forgotten customer segment, represents to the Manufacturer and the impact that can be realized by providing relevant offers via multiple channels. Based on the recent pilot success and a decade of experience implementing this kind of program, OneCommand has proven its ability to increases response rates by up to 51%. The Mitsubishi-specific program will work to re-activate these targeted customers who have not been in for service in 24 months or more and as a result, it will increase customer pay revenue and re-establish owner loyalty for Mitsubishi dealers.

"OneCommand understands the importance of re-engaging owners who have lapsed in their service cycle," reflected Grimm, "The communication strategy and components we've developed to power this program will not only carry forward the evolving and exciting Mitsubishi brand, but the messaging will continue to prompt action and promote repeat service behavior, higher customer satisfaction and strengthened owner loyalty to both the dealership and Mitsubishi Motors North America."

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