Mitt Romney Change on Illegal Immigration Issue Could Spell Doom for America

Apr 19, 2012, 09:03 ET from Americans for Legal Immigration PAC

RALEIGH, N.C., April 19, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Several national media outlets are trying to suggest that a Mitt Romney flip flop on the issue of illegal immigration is imminent now that Romney is the presumptive winner of the GOP primary. ALIPAC is issuing a national advisory that such a radical shift could spell doom for the Romney campaign and the country.

Mitt Romney (857-288-3500) is currently experiencing a surge in support as GOP voters begin coalescing behind his campaign after one of the most dramatic GOP Presidential primaries in modern history.

Mitt Romney won the primary by addressing the top issue of illegal immigration from an enforcement only approach. Romney asked Kris Kobach, a national leader in the fight against illegal immigration to be on his campaign "team." Romney promised primary voters that millions of illegal aliens would be forced out of America, that he would veto the Dream Act Amnesty, and that Arizona's controversial immigration law would be his "model for the nation."

"Any reversal on these positions would destroy his credibility, alienate Conservative American voters who outnumber Latino voters, and exert the same pressures on Mitt Romney that destroyed John McCain and Rick Perry's campaigns," said William Gheen who is a prior GOP campaign consultant and current President of ALIPAC. "Not only would a Romney shift on immigration hurt him among Americans concerned about illegal immigration but it would signal that he cannot be trusted on any issue or topic whatsoever."

If Mitt Romney (857-288-3500) betrays his promises to voters and his constitutional obligation to enforce America's existing border and immigration laws, then American voters will have been tricked. Once again, Americans will be trapped between voting for a Republican or voting for a Democrat candidate who support Amnesty for illegal aliens.

Any form of Amnesty or change in our current laws to accommodate illegal aliens will eventually lead to the displacement of tens of millions of American voters. America will be defenseless against future waves of illegal immigration and the nation that once stood on this continent will be incapacitated or destroyed after losing the political ability to repel illegal immigration.

ALIPAC is calling on national supporters to contact the Mitt Romney campaign to ask him to remember his promise to oppose Amnesty and enforce existing immigration laws. Callers will also ask Romney to avoid Amnesty supporting Senator Marco Rubio as his running mate.

"Marco Rubio supports Amnesty for illegal aliens and this would greatly harm Romney's campaign and this nation if he is a running mate," said William Gheen. "Mitt Romney needs a strong female conservative running mate to attract female voters. He needs candidates like Jan Brewer and Michele Bachmann who oppose Amnesty for illegal aliens. Marco Rubio's Amnesty for illegal aliens plan is 'conservative suicide acceptance plans' that should be rejected."

A Mitt Romney flip flop on immigration issues could demoralize the largest block of American voters known as "Conservative Voters" and result in Democrats taking back control of the U.S. House.

"If Romney flip flops on immigration issues the resulting demoralization of Conservative voters could leave America with a liberal Republican or Democrat in the White House as well as Democrats being in control of both chambers of Congress!" said William Gheen. "That could be enough to finally kill America."

The illegal immigration invasion of America is being supported by elite politicians, corporations, and financial interests that appear to have more influence on lawmakers than American citizens. Certified scientific polling data shows that a super majority of Americans consistently oppose any form of Amnesty including the Dream Act Amnesty by a factor of at least 3 to 1 (Rasmussen Reports, Oct. 2007).

ALIPAC is calling on Americans to bombard Romney's offices (857-288-3500) with requests that he represent the majority of American
citizens on immigration issues instead of the illegal immigration supporting special interests.



SOURCE Americans for Legal Immigration PAC