Mitt Romney is a Sociopath, a Liar, or Both says Geoffrey Fieger of Fieger Law

Jul 16, 2012, 03:00 ET from Fieger Law

SOUTHFIELD, Mich., July 16, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Michigan's and America's top trial attorney, Geoffrey Fieger of Fieger Law, P.C. has launched a second politically charged commercial.  This time Fieger has set his sights on Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney; divulging a physical attack in which a group led by Romney restrained and cut off another's hair.

In the wake of Fieger's recent controversial commercial that criticized those in opposition of President Obama being covert racists, it appears that Fieger has now taken aim against Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney.

"We've now learned that a then 18 year old Mitt Romney lead a gang of bullies who attacked another student and held him down while Romney cut off his hair," said Fieger.

Romney has expressed to Americans that he doesn't remember doing it.  Fieger, who is a lifelong resident of Michigan and victim of that same abuse, knows all too well how traumatic such an incident can be and is calling out Romney's obvious bluff and intent to deceive the American People.

"The other perpetrators have all confessed that the event has haunted them for years; but not our Mitt.  Anyone who claims they don't remember physically attacking someone is either a sociopath or a liar; or both," proclaimed Fieger.

Recounting the personal memory, Fieger stated, "When I was 14 years old, two adult sadists at the Detroit Country Day School held me down and shaved my head because they didn't like long hair on boys.  The memory of that abuse is burned into my mind."

Leading by his motto, "If you don't stand for something, you end up standing for nothing," Fieger launched a website in support of these commercials titled "In My America" which is dedicated to the little guy and the American people.  People from across the nation have visited the website, Fieger Law's Facebook Page, and Twitter (#inmyamerica), to view and comment on the videos, including the Mitt commercial; sharing their intense opinions and beliefs.

Many have firmly supported, opposed, and questioned Fieger's agenda, including Local 4 News in Michigan who recently interviewed him regarding his "Honesty on Racism" video, declaring that it appears that he's supporting President Barack Obama and the Presidential Election of 2012.

Passionate in everything he does, Fieger appears to be standing up for what he believes in; and he isn't afraid to voice the "truth."  He's set records in the court room and was recently nominated as "Leader in the Law" for 2012 by the Michigan Lawyers Weekly.  He's urging people to see and understand what's right in front of them and asking, "What's worth fighting for in your America?"

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