M.L. Marketing, LLC Launches Online Store for Hunting and Outdoor Lifestyle Products at www.HuntingSuppliesUnlimitedPlus.com

Aug 24, 2015, 09:00 ET from M.L. Marketing, LLC

POLK CITY, Fla., Aug. 24, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- M.L. Marketing, LLC today announced the opening of its new online hunting and outdoor lifestyle store at www.HuntingSuppliesUnlimitedPlus.com.

"When you spend time in the outdoors, it's an experience that is hard to describe. Mother Nature can capture you in a way that nothing else can." explains founder of www.HuntingSuppliesUnlimitedPlus.com, Mary Lawler. "One of the most thrilling things you can do in nature is hunt, we wanted to share our hunting expertise with others through our online store."

M.L. Marketing, LLC is an online retailer who specializes in all of the things you need to have an exceptional time outdoors, in particular hunting gear. The Company is proud to provide their customers with top of the line hunting and outdoorsman at affordable prices.

The new online store at www.HuntingSuppliesUnlimitedPlus.com offers a variety of products within the following categories: Rifle Scopes, Tents, Trail Cameras, Sleeping Bags and more. The Company will continue to add products to its inventory as it grows.

"Our goal is to carry a variety of products that can be used by novice campers and seasoned hunters alike," continues Lawler. "While the wilderness can be a magical place, it is also a place where you need to be prepared for anything. Our products allow you to experience the joy of nature, of hunting without any of the worry of being unprepared."

In addition to introducing its new online store, www.HuntingSuppliesUnlimitedPlus.com will soon be introducing a blog within its website. The new blog will be sharing complimentary information about hunting, camping, the answers to frequently asked questions and more.

HuntingSuppliesUnlimitedPlus.com accepts all major credit cards and items purchased can be shipped anywhere within the United States. Customers are advised to consult with their local Game & Wildlife branches to ensure that they are in compliance with all regulations.

For more information on M.L. Marketing, LLC and its new online store, visit www.HuntingSuppliesUnlimitedPlus.com.

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