MLS® Laser Therapy: A New Frontier in the Effective Treatment of Wounds in Veterinary Medicine

Feb 25, 2016, 01:00 ET from ASA Srl

VICENZA, Italy, February 25, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

In companion animals such as horses and exotic animals, ASAlaser's therapeutic technique has proved to be successful in treating this kind of problem by facilitating healing and the natural recovery process. What are the advantages? It is non-invasive and free from pain or side effects.  

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Skin wounds are a problem that frequently occur in routine veterinary medicine as demonstrated by the large number of cases that vets have to deal with on a daily basis when trying to ensure a rapid recovery and avoid excessive suffering by the animals. Regardless of the cause of the problem and the types of animals involved (companion or exotic animals, and horses), MLS® Laser Therapy has proved both effective and successful in their treatment. The innovative therapeutic technique developed by ASAlaser (a company with over thirty years at the forefront of research and the development of therapeutic solutions focusing on the constructive use of lasers, editor's note) thanks to its anti-inflammatory, anti-edema, analgesic and bio-stimulant effects on the biological tissues is key to speeding up healing by accelerating the natural recovery process. At the same time, MLS® Laser Therapy relieves symptoms, such as pain and inflammation, by significantly reducing recovery times by stimulating tissue regeneration. "These results", explains Adelmo Rossin, DVM and ASAveterinary's Product Specialist, "are due to the effect that MLS® has at cell level: increasing the production of energy and stimulating the synthesis of the new proteins necessary for the growth and repair of the damaged tissue".

It is recommended for the treatment of acute and chronic skin wounds, but care is required when applied: "before starting the treatment", Rossin continues, "the state of the wounds should be assessed, above all to see if there is any bacterial contamination. The danger of causing increased bleeding should also be taken into consideration: if the wound is very recent and there is a risk of bleeding, the treatment should be carried out after a few hours or even the next day". The number of applications depends on how the patient responds and the extent of the injury. Daya San, for example, a mare with a significant wound to both sides of the lower neck, required nineteen days' treatment with MLS® Laser Therapy, combined with an oral antibiotic, to achieve complete closure of the wound. By contrast, for Zeppelin, a Jack Russell with bite wounds to the neck, abdomen and back leg inflicted by a large dog, the therapy was more structured, but with impressive results. Six weeks after the attack, the dog took part in and won a Rally-Obedience competition. By contrast, Jerry, a hairless pet rat with crusted lesions and ulcers on his neck, only needed ten applications to help him recover. In all these cases, thanks to the use of MLS®, the disorder was quickly resolved and a full recovery to a better quality of life was achieved.



ASAveterinary is the veterinary division of ASAlaser (a company producing advanced laser technology - editor's note) which aims to bring the results of Laser Therapy into the realm of veterinary medicine. Scientific research and long-term experience have contributed to the development of MLS® Laser Therapy - an innovative therapeutic technique, patented in the USA, for the effective treatment of disorders that commonly affect companion animals, horses and exotic animals - as well as equipment for vets that has been tested in compliance with stringent, comprehensive procedures and protocols. ASAveterinary has a staff of professionals with proven experience, lecturers and researchers (ASAcampus - Joint Laboratory in the Department of Experimental and Clinical Biomedical Sciences at the University of Florence directed by Dr. Monica Monici) whose contribution has been a deciding factor in scientifically validating the effectiveness and safety of MLS® Laser Therapy and turning it into a therapeutic solution to help specialists achieve new professional goals.