MLS®: Laser Therapy No Limits

Jun 20, 2016, 01:00 ET from ASA Srl

VICENZA, Italy, June 20, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

The ASAlaser Therapy Continues to Prove its Full Effectiveness Both When Treating Small Animal and Horse Pathologies and When Treating Exotic Species. One Emblematic Case Among the Many: the Treatment of an Indian Elephant With Cutaneous Compression Wounds 

What do Shirley, a 67 year old Indian elephant with cutaneous compression wounds, Daya San, a young mare with a bite wound in the neck area and Artemis, a Labrador Retriever with tetra-paresis and pressure sores, have in common? Although their dimensions and pathologies are different, all three owe their full physical recovery to MLS® Laser Therapy. Thanks to the anti-inflammatory, anti-oedema, analgesic and bio-stimulant effects of the innovative therapeutic ASAlaser technique in the veterinary field, in fact, their recovery was not a utopia, but a solid reality. Quickly, without pain or without incurring any unpleasant side effects. In all three cases, in fact, the MLS® impulse, generated by a sophisticated system of continued and pulsed, synchronised and combined emissions of different wave lengths capable of reaching deep into the tissues, confirmed its validity. The reason is simple: the synchronisation of the emission mutually powers the therapeutic effects each would have when used individually. As if to say: when strength is in numbers, results are obtained. Shirley, Daya San and Artemis would be ready to confirm this, thereby underlining the transversal nature of the therapy, which is efficient and decisive in traumatology, rehabilitation and for all those pathologies, which entail pain, inflammation, oedemas, wounds and ulcers.

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No limit and one single 'dimension': success
The capacity of the MLS® Laser Therapy of producing concrete results on pachyderms or pet animals or horses is apparent in the case of Shirley. «The elephant - says Dr. Lydia Young of "The Elephant Sanctuary" in Hohenwald, Tennessee, USA, who followed the case - presented cutaneous compression wounds located on the facial crest and the tip of the shoulder and the hip. After 6 sessions with MLS®, the wounds were completely closed by healthy granulation tissue. Shirley had already had a similar compression wound, but four months of treatment were necessary to reach recovery. Associating MLS® Laser Therapy with the "contaminated wound" protocol to the other topical treatments, the time of recovery was reduced to two months. The animal's relaxed and tranquil state during the sessions allow us to infer that Shirley was immediately able to appreciate the increased well-being given by the therapy». A condition of well-being also experienced by Daya San. Found with a wound on both sides of the neck, probably after having been bitten, the mare presented a subcutaneous emphysema of the neck and chest, neck and head swelling. The wound showed a great deal of exudate and necrotic tissue; the windpipe and jugular were visible. «The therapy prescribed - explained Dr Charlotte Degien, Haras de Cordemais in France, who was directly involved - consisted of an oral antibiotic, an anti-inflammatory and an anti-oedema combined with MLS® sessions. The laser encouraged such a bio-stimulation that it induced a wound recovery which closed completely in 89 days. Thanks to MLS® no keloid developed during therapy, thereby ensuring an optimal healing». Artemis also went back to her owners totally restored after having developed a form of tetraplegia with lameness symptoms and a progressively increasing weakness of the right back limb. «This weakness - clarifies Dr Roberta Burdisso, responsible for physiotherapy at the CHV Fregis in Paris -increased until it evolved into a tetra-paresis associated with a marked muscle hypertrophy and pressure sores. The use of MLS® combined with hydrotherapy and electric stimulation allowed Artemis to return home on her own legs after three weeks of hospitalisation».

Thanks to results obtained daily in the field, the ASAlaser therapeutic solution represents the arrival point of an attentive educational journey implemented by the company and continued by its Veterinary division (ASAveterinary), which confirms having the right credentials in order to respond to the needs and problems of every veterinary surgery.