Mme Ravalomanana: "I am prepared to suffer personal sanctions"

Jul 08, 2013, 10:00 ET from Ravalomanana 2013

ANTANANARIVO, Madagascar, July 8, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

Speaking out ahead of the GIC mediation meeting, scheduled for Tuesday 9thJuly in Antananarivo, Madame Ravalomanana, Presidential candidate for the Mouvance Ravalomanana said:

"The Mouvance is positive about the outcome of these mediation meetings. The outcome all Malagasy citizens want is for an election date to be agreed; nothing more, nothing less. After that it is for the people to decide who they want as their next President. We are not a simple people, we know how to run elections and we know how to campaign. All forty-one candidates should be allowed to present their manifestoes to the people and then adhere to the result on election day, that is how democracy works. So, let's resolve the impasse, set a date and let us get on with the campaigning."

Dealing with the possible threat of sanctions Madame Ravalomanana made this promise, "I have stated many times that I am running for President, nothing has happened recently to make me change my mind. I am prepared to suffer personal sanctions for my beliefs. These last few months I have toured our country and spoken to many people, the poor, the old, the young, the sick and those struggling with life in these difficult times. The whole nation is crying out for a return to normalcy and prosperity. Now more than ever our country needs leadership that they can trust. I believe I offer both, good leadership and trust and so I will continue with my campaign."

When asked about being put under pressure to withdraw she said, "In their hearts those in the international community know it is wrong to impose a list of approved candidates. The good news is that influential countries like the United States understand what is needed, so I believe that we will get the three things we want, an election date, free and fair elections and the right for the people to choose who their next President will be without outside manipulation."

Madame Ravalomanana also stated that she is more than happy to meet with the Mediation team and to settle any fears they may have about her candidacy.

Notes to Editors:

Madame Lalao Ravalomanana is the Presidential Candidate for the Mouvance Ravalomanana, a growing coalition of political parties dedicated to bringing a secure, peaceful and prosperous future to Madagascar. For high resolution images free to download, visit the Mouvance Ravalomanana Flickr page:

For more information email press@ravalomanana2013.comor call 00261 34 07 200 77.

On 3 July 2013 the US Ambassador to Madagascar Eric Wong stated that the US official position was to support the right of the Malagasy people to choose whoever they want to be their president in free, credible and fair elections. See:

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