MO BIO Laboratories, Inc. Launches the PowerPlant® Pro DNA and PowerPlant® RNA Isolation Kits

Jan 10, 2012, 09:40 ET from MO BIO Laboratories, Inc.

CARLSBAD, Calif., Jan. 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- MO BIO Laboratories, Inc., the leader in soil, water and microbial nucleic acid purification, announces the launch of the PowerPlant® Pro DNA and PowerPlant® RNA Isolation Kits, which simplify isolation of pure DNA and RNA from even the toughest plant samples.


The PowerPlant® Pro DNA and PowerPlant® RNA Isolation Kits are designed for fast and easy purification of nucleic acids from plant cells, tissues and seeds. The optimized bead beating technology replaces time-consuming isolation procedures such as CTAB, phenol, or chloroform extraction for recovery of high quality nucleic acids from the most difficult sample types, including strawberry leaf, cotton leaf, cotton seeds, and pine needles. Patented Inhibitor Removal Technology® is used for removal of PCR inhibitors from plant extracts during the isolation process, resulting in pure DNA or RNA that is ready to use in downstream applications including PCR, qPCR and sequencing.

The PowerPlant® Pro DNA and PowerPlant® RNA Isolation Kits are available now. For more information, visit the MO BIO website ( or call 800-606-6246 to order.

MO BIO Laboratories, Inc. ( has developed innovative tools for researchers in Molecular Biology since 1993. A global leader in solutions for soil and microbial nucleic acid purification, MO BIO's Power® kits contain patented Inhibitor Removal Technology® for removal of PCR inhibiting substances during the nucleic acid purification procedure. For samples that do not require inhibitor removal, MO BIO's UltraClean® line includes optimized products for DNA and RNA isolation from a variety of sample types. For clinical samples, the BiOstic™ kits provide solutions for higher yields and purity of nucleic acids. At MO BIO Laboratories, Inc., our focus is quality products that work, save time and function for all sample types, not just the easy ones. It is MO BIO's aim to make researchers' working lives more productive and efficient, creating time to focus on what is critical, not just in work, but in life.

SOURCE MO BIO Laboratories, Inc.