Mobile App Accelerates Mass Threat Emergency Response

Crisis360(TM) extends responder capabilities amid chaos

Apr 22, 2013, 10:45 ET from Crisis360

HOUSTON, April 22, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Mobile technology is making emergency responders smarter and faster. Crisis360, a mobile and web-based application suite, plays an increasingly important role by providing instant on-the-go insight.

Crisis360 speeds and simplifies the task of organizing and communicating the ever-increasing amounts of raw data available during emergency events. The application puts a complete situational picture at responders' fingertips through their mobile phones, tablets and web browsers.

With sophisticated filtering, mapping and reporting functions, responders can react faster than ever before. The application plays an integral part in the University of California San Francisco emergency response plans.

"Crisis360 addresses the … need to acquire situational awareness and achieve a common operating picture quickly," said Christopher Jones, Director of Homeland Security Emergency Management for UCSF. "The app's potential continues to amaze me every time I open it."

Jon Shale, Director of Product Development for Crisis360, says that the Crisis360 team works closely with emergency responders to innovate new ways that the application can help.

"This is the future of emergency management," Shale said. "Crisis360 gives responders the ability to understand and act faster. And every day we're working to extend those abilities."

The Crisis360 team recently released version 3.0, which includes customizable maps, reports and dashboards that allow responders to rapidly interpret large amounts of data.

CommandCenterTM, a built-in emergency operations center module, plots streaming updates on satellite images, allowing emergency managers to monitor responders' reports in real time.

Crisis360 also includes FlexOrgTM, which allows any organizational hierarchy to be modeled, so all types of organizations can use the application.

Crisis360 is available for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows devices, providing solutions for higher education, healthcare, restaurants, financial institutions, property management and government organizations.

About Crisis360TM

Crisis360TM is a cloud-based comprehensive mobile and web-based emergency management application suite for emergency management, business continuity professionals and first responders.  Crisis360 empowers staff to capture, communicate and report crisis impact and recovery information anywhere, anytime to achieve situational awareness and implement business continuity to get back to normal operations rapidly. Visit or @Crisis360app on Twitter.

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