Mobile Application Ozmott Announces Merchant Agreement with Pet Supplies Plus

May 08, 2013, 12:03 ET from Ozmott


TRAVERSE CITY, Mich., May 8, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Mobile-shopping app Ozmott has announced a new merchant agreement with nationwide retailer Pet Supplies Plus. As online shopping continues to thrive, Ozmott's platform offers a viable alternative to online shopping and encourages consumers to make in-store purchases.

With its built-in loyalty system, Ozmott is helping to bring customers back into retail stores by providing in-store offers and "Pips" every time a consumer makes a purchase and shares that offer with friends. Collected Pips can then be used to unlock top-tier "Luxe" offers that provide users an affordable way to enjoy luxury items. Ozmott users are encouraged to add their friends to earn more Pips toward each redemption- the more friends you have, the more rewards you get toward Luxe items.

Ozmott's coverage continues to expand across their home state of Michigan, providing exclusive offers to app-users that can be redeemed while inside various retail stores and restaurants. Additionally, 28 other states throughout the US are represented in the Ozmott platform.

Recent success for Ozmott can be attributed to both the unique offers it delivers to users and the laser sharp marketing channel it provides to merchants.  Ozmott was launched on iPhone and Android devices in 2012 and has seen rapid growth since its market release.  Ozmott will be available at over 900 locations nationwide by the end of the month.

For more information about Ozmott and their new relationship with Pet Supplies Plus, please call Kristin Fehrman at 231-883-9819 or email at

About Ozmott:

Ozmott is a mobile platform built to connect retail merchants with consumers through a virtual, fully functional economy. The application relies on a sustainable deals model that allows consumers to take advantage of in-demand, merchant- supplied offers. Popularized by websites such as Groupon and Living Social, daily deal sites have seen increased growth over the past few years. Yet Ozmott is different. Where most sites rely on individual purchases to unlock group deals, Ozmott aims to create a community; where users interact, make friends and gain access to 'Luxe Offers'. By introducing their own brand of virtual currency, or Pips, Ozmott users are encouraged to share deals with their friends to earn additional Pips where they later can be applied toward otherwise out of reach high- end lifestyle products.

About Pet Supplies Plus:

Pet Supplies Plus® was founded in 1988 by two seasoned veterans of the grocery industry. Together they pioneered the concept of bringing supermarket style retailing to the pet specialty supply industry. Through consistent, steady growth, Pet Supplies Plus is now the largest pet supply franchise in the United States with more than 250 stores in 23 states.