Mobile Internet Innovation Highlights Macworld; Macworld|iWorld Asia 2013 Held in Beijing

Aug 23, 2013, 23:29 ET from Macworld|iWorld

BEIJING, Aug. 23, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The Beijing Investment Promotion Bureau and International Data Group (IDG) jointly announced the opening of Macworld|iWorld Asia 2013 (MIA 2013). More than 500 exhibitors from over 10 countries are taking part in the four-day mobile internet industry event themed "Innovation Defines the Future" between the 22nd and 25th of August.

Jennifer Xu, Senior Vice President of IDG Asia, said: "Following the huge success of the previous two Macworld|iWorld Asia events, this year's event will feature a variety of innovative products, a gathering of great minds and an exciting exchange of viewpoints and ideas, and is guaranteed to be entertaining, inspirational and fun for all participants. Participants will be able to get access to the latest products and experience the products first hand via a series of exhibitions, trainings as well as other on-site and off-site events along with access to special reports prepared by industry experts. Macworld is putting on display a comprehensive array of the unique products that are at the forefront of the mobile internet era."

World's largest gathering of Apple-related peripherals; intelligent hardware become eye-catchers

This year's 46,000-sqaure meter exhibition space, larger than at either of the previous events, became the showcase for a great number of mobile internet innovative products, all of which are representative of the new trends and features of Apple-related peripherals in 2013. Fast-growing intelligent wearable devices and intelligent in-vehicle applications were the real head turners at the event. Highlights of this year's event include:

  • Peripherals and accessories zone:
    • Leap Motion - a high-profile gesture-controlled device which can track the movements of a person's 10 fingers in real time within a working space of 0.1 cubic meter;
    • The Qube speaker from Matrix Audio - the world's smallest Bluetooth speaker;
    • The environmentally friendly QI-certificated iHave wireless charging pad, with a wireless charging efficiency reaching 70%;
    • The Magic cube wireless laser projection keyboard which integrates a multi-touch mouse, enabling convenient linkage to the latest versions of the iPhone and iPad.
  • Smart wearable hardware zone
    • Pebble Watch - the world's first smart watch that displays the caller ID, allows for web browsing, acts as the control panel for the music playing on a mobile phone, and records the user's exercise data.
    • SmartWallit - the world's first smart wallet and Bluetooth 4.0-based accessory in one that can keep track of the user's spending through monitoring of the payment data in the user's mobile phone, allowing for easy management of daily expenses.
  • Smart on-board experience zone
    • BAIC Motor and Brilliance Auto showcased their latest innovations in the smart on-board experience sector. Integration of the functions of a smart phone with the vehicle allows the driver to have access to voice dialing, map navigation and social networking services, as well as enable the sending and receiving of messages while driving. In addition, the driver can at any time check the condition of the vehicle through the smart terminal - a process that previously could only be handled by an equipment at a gas station or repair shop. With the help of the mobile internet, a driver can more intelligently maintain the vehicle and keep it in the best operating condition.
  •  Mobile app zone
    • Nearly 200 apps across the tourism, shopping, social networking and game sectors are on display, fully demonstrating the achievements and the experience of app ventures in product development and commercialization.
  • "Macworld Awards"
    • Macworld awards recognize the best products, innovative technologies and applications. The award winners were announced and their products showcased on-site at 2 p.m. on Thursday, August 22.

New players emerge; mobile internet reshapes business models

Mobile internet companies, senior developers, industry watchers, media, analysts and influential investors are gathered at MIA 2013 where they are holding two-day in-depth discussions on the topic of "Innovation and Connection Winning iWorld". Highlights of the forum include:

  • Renowned market research firms including ComScore, Forrest Research and Analysys International will issue and make available comprehensive reports at the show;
  • High-level representatives from Huayi Brothers, Youku Tudou Inc., Ford Motor and Intime Department Store will share how traditional companies can leverage mobile internet services based on the advantages of their customer base, data and technology to define the development trends of internet business models;
  • At the mobile game session, chief developers from Rekoo and the team of I'm MT will discuss how mobile games can take the lead on the wireless platform and determine a new way for the mobile internet industry to move forward;
  • At the smart software session, representatives from Pebble Watch, Andon Health and Smartwallit will talk on how the hottest smart wearable devices will start the next chapter of the mobile internet sector;
  • At the Silicon Valley Innovation Forum, representatives from IDG Capital Partners and Google Partners Program as well as other innovative groups from Silicon Valley will explore the "Westward Movement" of Chinese developers.

Apple fans gather to join in core event commemorating Steve Jobs

Macworld|iWorld Asia is the key annual event highly welcomed by Asia's Apple fans -- a venue for this loyal audience to gather periodically. Hollywood film star Ashton Kutcher who played the role of Steve Jobs in the movie jOBS will present at this year's Macworld|iWorld Asia and reenact the legendary speech that Jobs gave onstage at the original Macworld.

Macworld offers a unique and unmatched comprehensive display platform for Apple products and applications. Grand prize winner at Mac Talent will demonstrate the technology at the music studio, in the Apple fans zone and at the digital finger painting workshop of the event, creating an unmatched in depth experience for the participants The creativity, innovation and talent on display at the event is positioning the participants to bring technology to a remarkable new level. At the event, Macworld will also provide a unique shopping experience to the attendees who can watch, experience and buy special discounted products on site. Many of the newly launched and the hottest selling products from dozens of merchants are available through a special promotion, including Apple compatible hardware, software and peripherals.

About Macworld|iWorld

World renowned Macworld|iWorld, initiated by International Data Group (IDG), is a trade-show with conference tracks dedicated to the Apple Mac platform. Attendees will have the opportunity to gain first-hand experience with entertainment, training, communications and enterprise-level applications. With its compelling content, application demonstrations and exhibits, Macworld has become and remains the best of the "Mac" worlds for all Apple users from new Mac users to IT veterans. The first Macworld Expo took place in 1985 in San Francisco. For the last 28 years, the four-day event has been held as scheduled annually during the first quarter of every year at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California, USA.

In 2012, Macworld was renamed Macworld|iWorld, reflecting an enhanced focus on technologies and applications for mobile-connected platforms.

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