Mobile Shopping Organizer Ziploop Launches Trends Feature

Mar 18, 2014, 05:00 ET from Ziploop

ORINDA, Calif., March 18, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Ziploop, a mobile technology start-up based in Orinda, CA announced an exciting update to its innovative shopping app this week. Ziploop provides shoppers with an effortless way to organize their shopping activities across all devices.

The application clears purses and wallets of paper, cards, coupons and certificates by storing them in the cloud and now also clears your email clutter by displaying daily updates from retailers in a scrolling posterboard. "I wake up to between 30-40 email promotions from retailers in my inbox every morning" says Ziploop user Patty Stanten.  "Normally I just delete everything, but now I can easily scroll through all of my offers in the Ziploop Trends tab."

The new orange Trends tab offers consumers a simple way to scroll through their updates from retailers on new arrivals, special offers and events without clogging up their email inboxes. Users simply switch their email addresses to their dedicated Ziploop email and updates appear in Trends. And even better, the trends auto delete from your app once they have expired.

"I normally miss out on retail promotions because I don't have time to open and read everything that they send me," says Ziploop user Dan McInerny.  "But with Trends, I scroll through all of todays promotions, just like I would on my Facebook newsfeed." Redemption is easy too. Just tap the update or sale that interests you and Ziploop takes you directly to the retailers website.

The perks of this fresh new app don't stop there. The Ziploop mobile shopping organizer stores receipts and rewards in the cloud for easy in store or online. No more sifting through old shoeboxes or rifling through purses to find that receipt or coupon that you need. Ziploop gets rid of unwanted clutter and makes it easily accessible on your mobile device. It also works for emailed receipts and rewards, which can be sent directly to customer accounts.

Ziploop is the only application that lets you enjoy paper-free shopping at your fingertips and now with Trends, you can stay up to date with all of the latest sales and new arrivals and clear up your inbox.

Ziploop is available FREE on the App Store and Google Play.

SOURCE Ziploop