Mobile User Interface 2011-2016: Designing Compelling UI in iPhone and Android Era

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Mobile User Interface 2011-2016: Designing Compelling UI in iPhone and Android Era

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UI Design Drives Mobile Market - Can You Afford to Miss Out?

User experience is driving growth in the smartphone and tablet market. For this reason, UI design has become the crucial factor in product differentiation between market players. This means that innovation and original concepts in UI are conferring important competitive advantages to those players that are investing in UI development.

UI is having a convergent effect on the PC, consumer electronics and mobile industries. In order to remain competitive, OEMs must ensure their product management strategy focuses on innovating UI design. This report details the reasons why UI is important and which UI models can help maximise financial gains in this sector. 

Capitalising on UI Development - Strategies and Potential Revenues

The global UI market in 2011 will be worth $10 billion, and visiongain expects that in 2016, it will be worth more than $25 billion. The report breaks down the different sectors involved in UI design and analyses the market potential, from hardware requirements to software development. 

Which Industries benefit from UI Investment?

UI development covers four broad categories which are researched in detail in the report: 

• Hardware (touchscreen and components);

• Software (interface layers and applications);

• Platform (mobile operating systems); and

• Concept (gesture based interactions).

This report then evaluates existing and new market players in each segment. Further, we forecast their growth and revenue potential.

What is Different about this Report?

We conducted an independent and unbiased non-vendor affiliated assessment of the mobile UI topic. This report offers a global and holistic view on a topic that has undergone fundamental changes since 2009. We believe our research will help you to better assess the market potential and implement profitable UI strategies.

Salient features explored in this research include:

• The impact of UI on the smartphone and tablet market

• How the UI ecosystem is changing the mobile industry?

• The new face of operating systems and their effect on mobile devices

• How apps and UI layers are shaping the mobile device market?

• The hardware requirements which enable UI deployment

• How multi-touch is driving NUI and AR capabilities?

• The potential game changers in mobile UI

The report includes forecasts and in-depth analysis of technologies and economic potential of all aspects of UI design and development.

Who needs to read this report?

• Service Providers and Handset Manufacturers - In order to keep a competitive edge in fast-evolving market, all members of the ecosystem need to understand the importance of a successful UI strategy. The research in this report will give them a detailed analysis of the importance of UI design for the commercial success of their products.

• Consumer Electronics and PC OEMs - The convergence of the mobile landscape means that consumer electronics and PC OEMs can penetrate the mobile market with their own products. This report will help them assess the current market structure and how to leverage their current core competencies in a new market.

• App and Software Developers - UI design will rely on the successful implementation of application and software development. The report analyses the market potential of UI innovation based on open-source models.

• Other Sectors - Graphic design, video games, television, web-based services, advertising agencies; and beyond can all profit from UI innovation and simplification to increase mobile visibility and create profitable business models.

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Companies Listed



Active Technology









Butterfly Corporation


Canvas Solutions




Freescale Semicondutor


Hewlett Packard (HP)





Ident Technology

Imagination Technologies






Khronos Group


LG Group

LG Display

Manx Telecoms





Mentor Graphics







Notion Ink



Phonetic Arts




Research in Motion (RIM)



Samsung Mobile Displays





Sony Ericsson

Sound Barriers

SPB Software





Texas Instruments

The Astonishing Tribe










Voice Assist



Table of Contents

E.1 Touchscreen Success 

E.2 Shifting Consumer Demands

E.2 Market Structure Evolution

E.3 UI Innovation & Product Differentiation 

E.4 Expanding Industry Segment

E.5 Market Growth & Economic Opportunities

1. Introduction to Mobile User Interface (UI)

1.1 The Changing Face of Mobile UI 

1.2 Touchscreen Innovation Drives Smartphone Market

1.3 The Year of the Tablet: Niche Turns Mainstream

1.4 Potential for UI Development

1.5 Aim & Scope of the Report

1.6 Questions Answered by the Report

1.7 Structure of the Report

1.8 Methodology

2. Touchscreen Drives Smartphone & Tablet Market

2.1 User Experience is the Key Dynamic

2.1.1 Display & Presentation

2.1.2 Applications & Marketplace

2.1.3 User Generated Content & Open Platform

2.1.4 Usability & Interactivity

2.2 Intuitive Smartphones Flood the Market

2.2.1 What are Intuitive Smartphones?

2.2.2 Targeting the Right Market for Smartphones

2.2.3 The Proprietary Nature of Apple's iPhone

2.2.4 The Android Contingent

2.3 Are Tablets Challenging PC Dominance?

2.3.1 Cornering the Business Market Canvas Solutions Quickoffice Solutions

2.3.2 Apple Dominance Restricted

2.3.3 RIM BlackBerry, Motorola Xoom & HP TouchPad Serious Contenders Business Users & Need for Intuitive Input Methods

2.4 The Battle of the Operating Systems

2.4.1 The Winning Mobile OS & its Salient Features

2.4.2 OS Dominance by Region

2.4.3 The Competitive Advantages of iOS, Windows 7 and webOS 

2.4.4 How Google Maintains Android Leverage Android's UI Innovations Fragmentation - A Barrier to Progress?

3. UI Ecosystem at the Heart of the Mobile Revolution

3.1. Numeric Keypad Evolution

3.1.1 QWERTY and TrackPad 

3.1.2 RIM BlackBerry Strategy Why BlackBerry is Losing Market Share?

3.2 Strategic Value of Gesture Based Interaction 

3.2.1 Which Screen Type Leads the Market?

3.2.2 Will Apple's Patents Bar Market Entry to New Companies? Multi-Touch Exclusivity

3.2.3 A Booming Business for Display Manufacturers In-Plane Switching Technology Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode Synaptics ClearPad Series

3.2.4 Real-Time Tracking of Motion and Orientation in 3D Space Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) Sensors MEMS Market Structure MEMS Market Segmentation Accelerometers Gyroscopes Barometers & Altimeters Magnetometers STMicroelectronics

3.3 The Business Case of Platforms and Application Programming Interface 

3.3.1 Android Value Chain

3.3.2 Skinning's Market Potential - Interface Layers and UX Customisation Vertical Integration of Mobile Software Stacks HTC Sense & HTC Scribe Samsung TouchWiz & Bada Notion Ink Adam UI HP TouchStone Independent UI Development Access NetFront FlexUI v3.0 The Astonishing Tribe (TAT) Merging Traditional Design Companies & UX Design Abaxia

3.4 Haptic Feedback Targets Mobile Market

3.4.1 Immersion's Motiv Development Platform

3.4.2 Next-Generation Haptics

3.5 Voice Recognition

3.5.1 Vertical integration of Voice User Interface (VUI)

3.5.2 Mobile VUI Apps

4. Game Changers

4.1 The Rise of 3D

4.1.1 Market Forecast

4.1.2 Parallax Barrier Technology MasterImage Cell Type Parallax Barrier Technology

4.1.3 3D's Critical Success Factors

4.1.4 The 3D Mobile Gamble

4.1.5 Next Generation 3D UI Homescreens SPB Shell 3D Kanzi UI Solution Claystone 3D ArcSoft PowerMobia

4.2 The Backbone of UI - Leveraging Hardware Requirements

4.2.1 The Mobile Processor Market IM Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon SA Processor: Freescale Semiconductor i.MX53 From Dual to Quad Core

4.3 Leveraging Cross-Platform Development to Drive Convergence

4.3.1 A New Era: HTLM5 & CSS3

4.3.2 A New Thriving Middleware Ecosystem XtremeLabs XLMagic Active Technology Khronos WebGL

5. Lucrative but Fragile Potential

5.1 Removing Barriers to Successful UI 

5.1.1 Consistency 

5.1.2 Usability

5.1.3 Fragmentation to Lead Convergence Efforts

5.2 Gaming

5.2.1 Sony Ericsson Xperia Play

5.2.2 Microsoft & Xbox Live on Windows Phone 7

5.3 TV UIs - Opera for Devices CDK (Content Development Kit) & Apple TV

5.4 IMS Handsets & Need for Intuitive UI

5.4.1 LTE & IMS Will Drive the UI Market

5.4.2 Alcatel-Lucent

5.4.3 Net-Front IMS Client-Package & OKI ACCESS Technologies

5.5 Future Developments & Innovation

5.5.1 Natural User Interfaces (NUIs) Univo eyeSight

5.5.2 Mobile Augmented Reality (AR) Tesco Barcode App Dentsu iButterfly Mobilizy Wikitude

5.5.3 Mobile AR Platforms

5.5.4 Proximity Sensing - 3D Optical Touch Technology

6. Conclusion

6.1 Recommendations for OEMs: UI Innovation in a Converged Market

6.2 Choosing the UI Battlefront: Proprietary vs Open-Source

6.3 Recommendations for Gaining a Competitive Advantage

6.4 Major Findings of the Report

List of Figures

Figure 1: Common Gestures in Smartphones

Figure 2: Virtual Touchscreen Keyboards

Figure 3: Apple Universal Apps 

Figure 4: Canvas Solutions Business Apps

Figure 5: Tablet Comparison

Figure 6: Numeric Keypads

Figure 7: iPhone Touchscreen

Figure 8: Capacitive Touchscreens

Figure 9: Smartphone Patent Litigation

Figure 10: MEMS & Sensors

Figure 11: Market Competition Matrix

Figure 12: Accelerometers

Figure 13: Gyroscopes

Figure 14: Freescale Semiconductor Magnetometer

Figure 15: Android OS Layers

Figure 16: Development Interest per OS Platform

Figure 17: Bada Platform

Figure 18: Adam UI

Figure 19: NetFront Series 

Figure 20: Haptic Technology 

Figure 21: Apple Next-Gen Haptic Patent

Figure 22: VUI Segmentation for Mobile Consumers Survey

Figure 23: Vlingo VUI

Figure 24: Vlingo Revenue Sources 2010

Figure 25: 3D Market Drivers & Barriers

Figure 26: Parallax Barrier Technology

Figure 27: Cell-matrix Parallax Barrier Technology

Figure 28: 3D Key Success Factors

Figure 29: HTC EVO 3D vs LG Thrill 3D

Figure 30: SPB Shell 3D

Figure 31: ArcSoft PowerMobia

Figure 32: Claystone 3D

Figure 33: Mobile Processors

Figure 34: Native Apps to Web Convergence

Figure 35: UI Evolution - Integrated Features to Cross Platform Interoperability

Figure 36: UI Consistency Vectors

Figure 37: Xperia Play & Playstation Controller Designs

Figure 38: NetFront VideoTalk

Figure 39: UI Evolution

Figure 40: Univo eyeSight UI Gestures

Figure 41: Tesco Barcode App UI

Figure 42: Dentsu iButterfly UI

Figure 43: Mobilizy Wikitude UI

Figure 44: Mobile Layers

Figure 45: Mobile Convergence

List of Tables

Table 1: Projected Global Handset Sales 2010 - 2016

Table 2: AMOLED & LCD CAGR 2011 - 2016

Table 3: Android OS Versions

Table 4: Mobile Processor Market 2011

Table 5: Factors Influencing Game Play 2011

Table 6: OEM & Manufacturer Products

Table 7: Competition & Leverage

List of Charts

Chart 1: Projected Global Handset Sales 2010 - 2016

Chart 2: Projected Global Handset Shipments 2010 - 2016

Chart 3: Projected Global Tablet Sales 2010 - 2016

Chart 4: Projected Smartphone Market by Screen Size 2010 - 2016

Chart 5: App Store Market Share 2010

Chart 6: Projected Global Mobile App Sales 2010 - 2016

Chart 7: Global App Store Year-on-Year Growth 2010 - 2011 

Chart 8: Apple iOS and Google Android Global Revenue vs Units Shipped 2010

Chart 9: Volumes of Android-based Smartphone Year-on-Year Growth Q4 2010 

Chart 10: Free vs Paid Apps in Android Market & Apple App Store 2010 - 2011

Chart 11: Projected Global Tablets vs PCs Shipments 2010 - 2016

Chart 12: Total Number of Business Related Android Apps April 2011

Chart 13: Projected Apple iPad Market Share 2011 - 2016 

Chart 14: Mobile OS Market Share 2011

Chart 15: Mobile OS Market Share 2016 

Chart 16: Mobile OS Market Share by Country 2011

Chart 17: Projected Global Mobile OS Market Share 2011- 2016

Chart 18: Projected Global Android-based Smartphone Shipments 2011 - 2016

Chart 19: Devices Running Android Q1 2011

Chart 20: UI Drivers Influencing Phone Purchase 2011 

Chart 21: Top Drivers of Future Phone Choice 2011

Chart 22: Projected Global Market Share by Mobile Phone Type 2016

Chart 23: Projected Global BlackBerry Phone Shipments 2011 - 2016

Chart 24: Projected Global Touchscreen Module Revenue 2011 - 2016

Chart 25: Global Touchscreen Market by Screen Type 2011

Chart 26: Global Touchscreen Market by Screen Type 2016

Chart 27: Projected Global Smartphone Market by Screen Type 2011 - 2016

Chart 28: Projected Global Touchscreen Shipments 2011 - 2016 

Chart 29: Projected Global Small and Medium Size Screen Shipments 2011 - 2016

Chart 30: Projected Global MEMS & Sensors Market 2011 - 2016 

Chart 31: Projected Global MEMS Sensors in Mobile Phones & Tablets 2011 - 2016

Chart 32: Global Market Share in MEMS for Mobile Devices 2011

Chart 33: Projected Global Shipments of Gyroscopes for Handsets 2011 - 2016

Chart 34: Projected Global Shipments of Magnetometers for Handsets 2011 - 2016

Chart 35: Projected Global Mobile Device Sales by OS 2011 - 2016

Chart 36: OEM Market Capitalisation 2011

Chart 37: Mobile App Developers by Platform 2011

Chart 38: Projected Independent Mobile UI Design Market 2011 - 2016

Chart 38: Projected Browser Market Share: ACCESS NetFront 2011 - 2016

Chart 39: Projected HTC Annual Revenues 2010 - 2016

Chart 40: Projected Immersion Revenue by Segment 2010 - 2016

Chart 41: Projected 3D Mobile Device Shipments 2011 - 2016

Chart 42: Projected Global Revenues for 3D Mobile Devices 2011 - 2016

Chart 43: Projected Global Mobile Processor Shipments 2011 - 2016

Chart 44: Global Mobile Processor Market 2010

Chart 45: Global Mobile Processor Market 2016

Chart 46: Applications Processor Market Share 2011

Chart 47: Projected Freescale Revenues from RFID, Analog & Sensor Segment 2011 - 2016

Chart 48: Market Share of Different Mobile Gaming Devices 2011

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