Mobile, Web and Online Games Market in China

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Mobile, Web and Onilne Games Market in China

Pearl Research is pleased to present our new, 170-page China report covering webgames, MMO, mobile, casual, social games and much more.The expanded mobile section covers top mobile operators, top apps, profitability of developers and other key metrics.

In 2012 and 2013, there was a significant shift in user activity from PC to mobile, driven by rapid expansion of China's mobile Internet user base, smartphones and new mobile apps and games. Pearl Research believes the number of smart devices (phones, tablets) in China could exceed 400 million by the end of 2013. Top mobile titles can generate $2 million or more a month.

Against this backdrop, all the major companies that had a focus on client-based games, Giant, Changyou, Perfect World, Netease and Netdragon, are expanding their mobile teams and releasing new mobile titles. Tencent has a strong market share in mobile games, but is facing competition from various mobile developers.

Web games, which can be played in a browser, and are accessible and user-friendly is a $1 billion market segment. Included in the study are an analysis of top web game companies and the top web game can have more than 800,000 peak concurrent users.

One emerging trend is the popularity of micro-client version of games. Micro-client files are generally less than 50MB compared to more than 1GB for a typical client-based game. This significantly cuts down on download times to under 15 minutes with a broadband connection. The micro-client software is far more compatible with users of large platforms including social network platforms.

- Profiles on Taomee, Kunlun, ZT Games, Joyport , China Mobile, Ourpalm, YY, Qihoo 360, Tencent, Netease, Giant, Shanda, Perfect World, Changyou, Renren, and Sina among others.

The study examines the growing mobile games market, web games, and both casual and MMORPGs. Also included are forecasts, top publisher and title rankings, deep marketplace analysis, and profiles of key market players.

Table of Contents

Methodology 1
Executive Summary 4
China PC Hardware 5
Internet and Broadband 7
"The Great Firewall of China" 9

Number of Gamers 10

Online, Web and Mobile Market Forecasts 11
Key Market Trends 14

Focus on Mobile 14
Key Takeaways 20
Mobile User Data 22
App Develper Data 27

Social Games Connect with Users 36
Top Online Games 39

Leading Game Publishers and Operators 41
Ourpalm 50
Taomee 58
Giant Interactive Group 65
NetEase 75
NetDragon 81
Shanda Games 86
Changyou 96

Tencent 108
Perfect World 116
Kingsoft 126
KongZhong 130
Renren 137
Sina 143

China Mobile 148
UC Web 150
CocoaChina 151
Qihoo 360 153
ZQ Games 156
Kunlun 158
Gamewave 159
Joyport 159

Unique Characteristics of Online Games 160
Online Games Marketing 162
Sources of Game Content 164
Co-development 164
Co-operation 164
Licensing 165
Original Content 165

Government Regulations 167
Government Agencies Involved in Regulating Games 168
Virtual Currency Regulations 170

Table of Figures

PC, Internet and Market Forecast Charts and Data
Figure 1: Tablet Vendors in China 5
Figure 2: Business Use Tablets 6
Figure 3: Number of Internet Users in China 7
Figure 4: Chinese Mobile Internet Users by Age 8
Figure 5: Age of Internet Users 8
Figure 6: Market share of Chinese Mobile Browser 9
Figure 7: Games Market Forecast 2011-2018 Graph, USD $m 11
Figure 8: Online Games Market Forecast 2011-2018 Data Table, $m 12

Mobile Games Market Charts and Data
Figure 9: Mobile Customer's Mobile Phone Operating System Distribution 15
Figure 10: Brand Share in China's Smart Phone Market 15
Figure 11: Top 10 Cities using iPhone 5 16
Figure 12: Mobile Games Operator Market Share 18
Figure 13: Top 200 App Categories 19
Figure 14: Top 5 Newly developed games (by category) 20
Figure 15: Active Number iOs & Android Devices in millions of units 22
Figure 16: Top iOSApps in China 23
Figure 17: Top 10 Android Apps 23
Figure 18: Monthly Average Income Distribution for Mobile Phone Game Users 24
Figure 19: Time Periods during Which Gamers Often Play Mobile Phone Games 25
Figure 20: Average Duration of Playing Mobile Phone Games 25
Figure 21: Frequency of Playing Mobile Phone Games 2011-2012 26
Figure 22: Single app session length distribution for game apps 26
Figure 23: App Developer Team Size 27
Figure 24: Location of App Developers 28
Figure 25: Highest Degree of Eduation for Android User 29
Figure 26: Popular Locations for Android Users to Use the Internet 29
Figure 27: When Android use the Internet during the Week (China) 30
Figure 28: When Android use the Internet during the Day 30
Figure 29: Top Websites Visited by Android Users 31
Figure 30: Mobile Browsers vs App Preference for Android Users 32

Social and Web Games Market Charts and Data
Figure 31A: Top Web Game Operators 34
Figure 31B: Select Web Games 34
Figure 32: Age of Facebook Users - China 37
Figure 33: Age of Weibo Users 38
Figure 34: Game Operators ACU and PCU 39

Game Operator Charts and Data
Figure 35: Top Online Games Operators by Revenue 2012 41
Figure 36: Client-Based Game Operator Total Revenue Market Share 2012 42
Figure 37: CMGE's Quarterly Corporate Net Income and Revenues 46
Figure 38: CMGE's Operation Metric 47
Figure 39: CMGE's Yearly Corporate Net Income and Revenues 48
Figure 40: CMGE's Full Year Operation Metric 48
Figure 41: Ourpalm financial data 50
Figure 42: YY's Quarterly Corporate Net Income and Revenues 55
Figure 43: YY's Operation Metric for Online Games 56
Figure 44: YY's Yearly Corporate Net Income and Revenues 56
Figure 45: Taomee's virtual worlds and social network service 60
Figure 46: Taomee's Operation Metric (in millions) 61
Figure 47: Taomee's Quarterly Corporate Net Income and Revenues 62
Figure 48: Taomee's Yearly Corporate Net Income and Revenues 63
Figure 49: Comparison of ZT Games 69
Figure 50: Giant Interactive Title Matrix 70

Figure 51:Giant Interactive's Quarterly Net Income and Revenues 71
Figure 52: Giant User Metrics (in 000s) 72
Figure 53: NetEase Title Matrix 77
Figure 54: Screenshots of Tianxia II 78
Figure 55: NetEase's Corporate Net Income and Revenues 79
Figure 56: Screenshot of Conquer Online 81
Figure 57: NetDragon's Game Metrics 83
Figure 58: Top Three Games by NetDragon 83
Figure 59: NetDragon's Corporate Net Income and Revenues 85
Figure 60: Screenshot of Mir II 89

Figure 61: Top Titles by Shanda 90
Figure 62: Shanda's MMORPG and Casual Games 92
Figure 63: Shanda's Quarterly Corporate Net Income and Revenues 93
Figure 64: Shanda's Game Metrics (in millions) 94
Figure 65: Shanda's Corporate Net Income and Revenues (in millions) 94
Figure 66: Duke of Mount Deer 99
Figure 67: Advertising for Tianlong Babu 101
Figure 68: Screenshots of TLBB 103
Figure 69: Changyou Quarterly Financial Performance 104
Figure 70: Changyou's Game Metrics 105

Figure 71: Changyou Yearly Financial Performance (In $m, USD) 106
Figure 72: Tencent's Title Matrix 113
Figure 73: Tencent's Corporate Net Income and Revenues 114
Figure 74: Tencent's Corporate Net Income and Revenues ($m) 115
Figure 75: Screenshots of Zhu Xian 119
Figure 76: Perfect World Fiscal Year Financials 123
Figure 77: Perfect World ARPU, Average Concurrent Users and APA 124
Figure 78: Perfect World Fiscal Year Financials 124
Figure 79: Screenshot of JX Online 2 127
Figure 80: Kingsoft MMORPG Metrics 128
Figure 81: KongZhong Quarterly Revenue 134
Figure 82: KongZhong Online Games Metrics 135
Figure 83: KongZhong Yearly Revenue 136
Figure 84: Sina's Financials 145
Figure 85: Qihoo 360'sQuarterly Corporate Net Income and Revenues 154
Figure 86: Qihoo 360'sYearly Corporate Net Income and Revenues 155
Figure 87: Qihoo 360's Yearly Operation Metric 155
Figure 88: Characters from Shanda's co-developed titles 164
Figure 89: Summary of Regulations Governing Virtual Currencies 170

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