MobileIron Version 5 First to Deliver Mobile DLP for iOS Email Attachments and Single-System Scale for 100,000 Devices

New Release Architected for Real-World Security and Scale

Sep 05, 2012, 10:43 ET from MobileIron

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Sept. 5, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- MobileIron, the leader in Mobile IT, today announced MobileIron Version 5, the first platform to solve two critical Mobile IT challenges: Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for iOS email attachments and real-world scale for global deployments.

MobileIron V5 enables Docs@Work, a secure document container that provides the industry's only mobile DLP solution for iOS email attachments. Mobile IT can now prevent corporate email attachments from being uploaded from native iOS email to consumer services such as Dropbox. MobileIron V5 also delivers the industry's most scalable architecture, supporting 100,000 devices fully configured with email, apps, Wi-Fi, VPN, and certificates per server. MobileIron V5 is the only Mobile IT platform to be purpose-built for the real-world security and scale requirements of Global 2000 companies.

"Our customers are going big with mobile, but they worry about corporate documents ending up in the consumer cloud," said Ojas Rege, VP Strategy, MobileIron. "MobileIron Docs@Work gives our customers the mobile DLP controls they need without sacrificing the native Apple email experience their end users know and love. Combined with a massive increase in scale, MobileIron V5 breaks down the last barriers to the global deployment of iOS in large, regulated industries such as financial services."

Mobile DLP

With MobileIron V5 and Docs@Work, Mobile IT can:

  • Protect iOS email attachments
  • Prevent unauthorized distribution of documents
  • Provide secure access to SharePoint
  • Control cut / copy / paste actions
  • Store and selectively wipe documents

For more information about MobileIron Docs@Work, download the white paper Data Loss Prevention and Secure Access for Mobile Content or register for the webinar.

Real-World Scale

With MobileIron V5, Mobile IT can:

  • Deploy 100,000 devices on a single server, 20 times more than any other vendor
  • Manage multiple servers through a central console for even larger deployments
  • Deliver gigabyte-sized apps without latency via MobileIron's App Delivery Network
  • Manage hundreds of thousands of mobile certificates per customer
  • Register hundreds of devices simultaneously per customer

In the last six months, MobileIron has powered:

  • The largest mobile certificates implementation in the world, with more than 150,000 certificates deployed to secure identity for email, Wi-Fi, VPN, and web
  • The fastest iPad rollout in the world, with 8,000 devices deployed in five days

"Most vendors put the burden of scale on their customers and force them to take on the cost of more hardware, more software, and more staff," continued Rege. "This brute force method is very expensive and unsustainable. MobileIron takes a completely different approach and solves real-world scale through architectural innovations in our underlying platform. We have also built the industry's first testing infrastructure for massive scale. Many vendors claim scale, but only MobileIron can test it. As a result, with MobileIron V5, we are addressing scalability needs other Mobile IT platforms have not even begun to consider. This is why the largest companies in the world use MobileIron to power their global mobility initiatives."

For more information, download the white paper Real-World Scale for Mobile IT - Nine Core Performance Requirements or join the webinar.

Use Case: Financial Services

The Financial Services industry has traditionally been quick to adopt the latest technologies, but the new generation of mobile devices and apps has been the exception for two reasons. First, security concerns have kept firms on BlackBerry devices or legacy third-party email applications . Second, no Mobile Application Management (MAM) or Mobile Device Management (MDM) vendor has been able to deliver the scale necessary to support tens of thousands of devices. MobileIron V5 gives regulated industries such as Financial Services the security and scale they need to replace their existing RIM infrastructure and legacy email containers.

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