Mohu™, a New Leading Brand of HDTV Antennas, Has Already Saved Customers Millions in Cable Bills

Company's New Paper-Thin Leaf Indoor HDTV Antenna Outperforms More Expensive Models

Antenna Shoots to #1 in Sales on Amazon in Just a Few Months, Mohu is Celebrating with Father's Day "Freedom from Cable" Sale Through July 4th

Jun 15, 2011, 11:59 ET from Mohu, Inc.

RALEIGH, N.C., June 15, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Mohu, a leading supplier of HDTV Antennas, announced today that the company has sold thousands of their revolutionary paper-thin Leaf indoor HDTV antenna since its initial debut in March 2011 -- saving customers millions in potential cable costs.  The company is celebrating the Leaf's successful launch with a Father's Day sale at  Visitors can purchase a Leaf for 10% off and receive free shipping through July 4th. Anyone who orders a Leaf during the sale is automatically eligible to win a free iPad 2 by entering the code "CABLEFREE" at checkout.

The Leaf allows viewers with a digital ready TV or analog TV with a digital converter box to receive free over the air high definition broadcasts. This allows consumers to cancel their high cost cable subscriptions while enjoying a myriad of HDTV channels now available from TV broadcasters since the 2009 FCC mandated switch to an all-digital network. Its unique paper-thin design allows it to be hidden behind picture frames or bookcases and does not create an eyesore or add clutter to an already crowded entertainment setup.

Brian Baucom, Mohu's recently appointed Director of Marketing, says "Over-the-air HD content is growing all the time, and with the ability to stream all of your favorite shows, movies, events and sports online with Netflix, Hulu and other channels straight to your TV, people now have choices."  Because of the down economy coupled with over-inflated cable and satellite fees, the Leaf antenna brings a long overdue level of value back to television viewing.  "Many of our customers have 'cut the cord' and combined our powerful antenna with a streaming device. They quickly realize that they aren't missing a thing.  People are fed up with paying upwards of $1200 per year for cable subscriptions -- the Leaf is a great alternative that requires a one-time purchase," Baucom continued.

Mohu has doubled their staff in recent months in order to keep up with orders and demand, and is continuing to expand -- they expect to increase production capacity to handle 50,000 units per month this summer.  Mohu is currently developing new products to further enhance the consumer's ability to enjoy free over-the-air high definition broadcasts.  New product releases are expected in early fall.

About Mohu

Mohu is a spinoff of GreenWave Scientific, a Department of Defense antenna development company who has been designing antenna systems for Ground Mobile and Unmanned Ground Vehicle platforms for the U.S. Navy and Joint Forces.

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