Moldovan People Feel Let Down by Europe

Dec 10, 2015, 07:55 ET from EU Reporter

BRUSSELS, December 10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --

EU Reporter continues to investigate the situation in Moldova, one of Europe's poorest countries, situated between EU and NATO members Romania and Ukraine. A strategic location, it cannot be ignored, with both Europe and Putin wanting it under their influence and control.

The present situation in the country is described as being critical and the country's chances for EU accession as poor. One of the main obstacles in the way to the EU membership is alleged to be the only real power in the country, an oligarch who has allegedly seized control of the court system, law enforcement bodies and General Prosecutor's office to conduct 'raider attacks' on Moldovan businesses and individuals, illegally seizing assets by means of false criminal prosecutions as well as stealing state budget assets and EU financial aid.

One man leading the campaign to restore Moldova to normal freedoms and justice is the Moldovan lawyer Andrei Năstase, who represents as advocate several Moldovan businessmen who have had their assets illegally expropriated.

EU Reporter obtained an exclusive interview with Andrei Năstase.

"All the information collected by us is essential, especially for Moldovan prosecutors" said Andrei Năstase, "because most of the criminal wrongdoings were committed inside Moldova - raider attacks, expropriations, massive money laundering and many other crimes. But there are also international connections to be investigated. For instance, in the case of money laundering, the amount of money that came through Moldova exceeded €20 billion - this information must be considered by all law-enforcement bodies, all over the world who are concerned with this situation."

"However, as long as the Prosecutor General is under the control of one oligarch, filing criminal cases in Moldova is absolutely futile. Our multiple attempts were rejected, although we have presented irrefutable evidence. To properly investigate crimes perpetrated by, the public prosecution and the judiciary should be independent, which is not the case in modern Moldova."

Andrei Năstase says that he and his colleagues have informed all European and American bodies concerned.

"I have informed all structures concerned; I have submitted detailed description; I have attached all supportive evidence. I have also notified the international bodies about massive money laundering. In 2014, I published my memo to all concerned institutions and submitted evidence. Everyone knows about this, but no action has been taken."

"It is rather suspect that the EU is still hesitant to react, although they are well informed for more than five years. They say the EU is turning the blind eye on that because of some "geopolitical reasons", but the EU must also notice that its reputation has been severely affected in the eyes of Moldovans."

"We need to make a public appeal to the whole world, to the Americans, to the EU, to react to the situation in Moldova, to investigate the crimes and to find the stolen money, including the funds from the EU and US financial support for Moldova."

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