Momentum™ Automated Physician and Staff Scheduling Software Saving Time and Improving Productivity - Order Backlog Growing

Jun 29, 2010, 10:00 ET from Bio-Optronics, Inc.

ROCHESTER, N.Y., June 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Bio-Optronics, Inc., a leader in healthcare workflow software, has designed a physician and staff scheduling system to help healthcare professionals save time out of their busy days to set up staffing schedules so their workforce can dedicate more time to helping patients and less to manually going through complicated permutations. So far, more than a dozen companies are using it internationally.

"We have customers in five countries spanning two medical specialties," said Dan Kerpelman, CEO and President of Bio-Optronics, Inc., "and the order backlog is growing as the product proves itself in the installed base, which includes imaging centers, radiology departments, and ob/gyn practices."

The only physician and staff scheduler of its kind, the software's customized algorithms take into account the entire health practice or hospital department's needs and preferences, including specialties, roles, and vacations and days off in automatically generating the physician and/ or staff schedule.

By eliminating the need for complex Excel Spreadsheets, sticky notes, and dozens of phone calls and emails to build the next schedule block, Momentum™ Physician and Staff Scheduler optimizes the workflow enhancing efficiency and productivity, and leaving more time to dedicate to patient care.

Momentum™ Physician and Staff Scheduler is a web-based application. The software learns scheduling rules, staff attributes, how often a staff member can work, demand, and so many other factors. This efficient solution works also works across multiple locations within one practice or organization.

A central request repository through which staff can enter requests shows how much vacation allowance a person has already used, making it easy to review and manage requests through the software itself, ensuring a fair schedule is compiled.

User-friendly features of the Momentum™ Staff Scheduler software include the option to view a variety of reports about demand fulfillment and equity analysis, filtering using different fields and color-coding for each staff member, so they can be easily recognized on the system's many different views:  tabular, calendar, manager, overall, weekly, etc.

Furthermore, the Momentum™ Staff Scheduler can automatically audit assignments and unassigned positions, finding scheduling problems quickly. There is also a rule compliance check and manual changes can be made in case a rule must be broken.

"Momentum™ Physician and Staff Scheduler also enables flexible representation of training, credentials, privileges and other factors," Kerpelman said, "which uniquely positions it for intelligent patient appointment scheduling soon available in its companion product, Momentum™ Patient Scheduler."

Bio-Optronics' reputation for excellent customer support is an important part of the Momentum™ solution so that changes in a healthcare business, for example when a new staff member is hired, can be quickly integrated into the software solution with little disruption to the day-to-day life of the practice.  "The product will grow even faster when we introduce its companion systems: Momentum™ Patient Scheduler and Momentum™ Real-Time Workflow Manager later this year and early next year respectively," Kerpelman said.

Bio-Optronics, Inc. develops, deploys and operates software products and custom information technology solutions to help healthcare professionals manage and optimize workflow, thus enhancing quality, productivity, and patient and staff satisfaction.

For 25 years, Bio-Optronics has demonstrated leadership in innovation, expertise in workflow and integration and a singular approach to unparalleled customer service.

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