Momentum K.K. Launches "Performance-specific" Ad Fraud Blocking Plugin for Ad Networks and DSPs

'Black Heron' is the perfect plugin providing performance improvement for ad networks and DSPs

May 29, 2015, 09:00 ET from Momentum K.K.

TOKYO, May 29, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Japan's leading innovating and independent ad tech company, Momentum K.K., launched and has just began accepting applications for its "performance-specific" ad fraud (advertising fraud) blocking tool, 'Black Heron.'

The newly launched tool is a plugin for ad networks and demand side platforms(DSPs) that enables examining and calculating any non-performing ads and click counts with any released online ad inventories. By adding Black Heron, ad networks and DSPs are able to improve their performance. That is to say Black Heron lowers cost per acquisition (CPA).

Performance-specific plugin for networks

A "performance-specific" plugin for networks, Black Heron is a completely new ad fraud blocking tool that is entirely different from any others. Not only does it identify 'Bot Frauds', Black Heron enables networks and DSPs to block fraudulent media in such ways as inducing intentional miss-clicks and producing ad impression fraud. Users out-putting fraudulent impressions unintentionally would also be blocked.

Since May 2015, Momentum has been providing Black Heron to many local major ad networks and DSPs as a trial package. It has proven successful in identifying 3-10% of non-conversion fraud impressions, and 8-15% of fraudulent clicks. Through the use of Black Heron, ad networks and DSPs can expect to reduce CPA by 3-7%.

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Ryo Okubo
Momentum K.K.

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