Mondeca Launches CA Manager Platform for Content Annotation and an Update of its ITM Software for the Management of Advanced Knowledge Structures

Oct 19, 2010, 09:00 ET from Mondeca

PARIS, October 19, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Mondeca, a leading European provider of semantic technologies, is launching two software products that improve the way enterprises manage content annotation and rich knowledge structures, such as ontologies, thesauri, taxonomies, terminologies, metadata repositories, knowledge bases, and Linked Open Data.

The products are based on advanced data mapping and semantic reasoning technology which simplifies the way enterprises interlink and integrate heterogeneous information. The technology also improves the way information is retrieved, analyzed, and reused by supplying quality metadata and the relevant context.

Content Annotation Manager (CA Manager), version 1.0

CA Manager is a platform for building and managing customized workflows for semantic annotation of content. CA Manager uses ontology-based semantic annotation to transform heterogeneous content (text, image, video...) into integrated and organized content. CA Manager coordinates content analysis, data mapping, human validation, and knowledge enrichment components.

CA Manager is based on the popular extensible UIMA platform for content analytics and includes adapters for integrating Open Data into content annotation workflows. It has already been used as a customized solution by Mondeca's clients (e.g., LexisNexis).

Intelligent Topic Manager (ITM), version 6.2.1

ITM supports the management of complex knowledge structures throughout their lifecycle, from authoring to delivery:

    - Collaboratively build and maintain multilingual ontologies,
      thesauri, taxonomies, terminologies, knowledge bases, and Linked Open
      Data, using Web-based WYSIWYG interface. Full compliance with the
      semantic standards such as OWL, RDF(S), and SKOS.
    - Increase interoperability by aligning and merging multiple
      structures such as terminologies, thesauri, and taxonomies.
    - Automate knowledge enrichment and quality control through easily
      configurable inference and validation rules.

ITM can be either used independently to store and manage complex domain-specific knowledge structures, or as a service that enhances enterprise search, knowledge discovery, and text mining solutions.

The latest release improves the WYSIWYG interface for specifying complex rules, integrates sophisticated data alignment algorithms, and adds support for several additional languages, bringing the total number of supported languages to 45.

About Mondeca

As organizations strive to improve integration, retrieval, and reuse of their information, rich knowledge structures such as metadata repositories, taxonomies, and ontologies play an increasingly important role. Mondeca's technology lies at the core of the Semantic Enterprise Information Architecture that allows to interconnect people and resources as well as to extract the most value from information.

Contact: Francois Thibault,, +33(0)1-44-92-39-17

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