Monegraph Releases eCommerce Platform for Media Owners

Media Rights Distribution and Monetization Platform - Codenamed "Monegraph Everywhere" - The First Professional-Grade Digital Licensing Application based on Blockchain Technology

Smart Media Licensing Contracts Pioneer Monegraph Developed a Media Monetization Platform from the Ground Up to Enable Next Generation Photographers, Videographers, Musicians and other Media Owners to Directly Commercialize their Work over the Internet

Feb 04, 2016, 13:57 ET from Monegraph

NEW YORK, Feb. 4, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Monegraph Inc., the company pioneering smart media contracts for licensing digital media, today announced the launch of professional-grade software tools specifically designed for media owners to directly sell use rights to publishers, advertisers and other commercial customers, codenamed "Monegraph Everywhere."  The next-generation media rights contracts and payments system has been designed and built from the ground up for preserving and commercializing ownership rights of digital media.  The culmination of two and half years of extensive research and development, prototyping and field testing, Monegraph Everywhere represents a technological step forward in the use of the cryptocurrency's blockchain technology as an e-commerce application for the creative media community.

Photojournalist Matthew Niederhauser, who's work has appeared in publications such as Wired, The New Yorker, National Geographic and The New York Times Magazine, commented, "Monegraph is an online platform where I can easily engage with people who want to license rights to my work on terms I control."

Monegraph's patent-pending licensing system extends what media owners can now do online to directly promote, distribute and monetize their media professionally, taking command of their media assets and no longer needing to rely on photo stock houses, brokers or other third party marketing providers. 

The "Monegraph Everywhere" system features:

Media Rights Registration / Global Ownership Recognition –

  • Cryptographically secured registration of digital media ownership rights via the blockchain
  • Media type support for images (.jpg, .gif, .psd, .tif), video (.mp4, .mov ), music (.mp3, stems) and documents (.pdf, .rtf, .doc) and others

Licensing Options / Secure Rights Transfer

  • Customizable and pre-set licensing contracts including: exclusive rights transfer, unlimited rights (e.g. royalty-free) and limited editions
  • Authenticated, secure and legally binding digital contracts with management of sub-rights including those of photographers, models, associations, etc.

Multiple Distribution & Monetization Channels

  • Free Monegraph e-commerce catalog e.g. , with storage of all native media and payment (Stripe/PayPal) capabilities
  • Easy to integrate Internet browser widgets for license enabling all media on existing or new custom user websites
  • iPhone and Android App for distributing mobile media and registering Monegraphed work
  • Integration with social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, e.g.
  • Open Application Program Interface (API) for custom enterprise deployments

Monegraph is the most comprehensive solution for professional media owners to commercially distribute their media.  "With Monegraph Everywhere we have overcome the technical hurdle of discretely tracking ownership of digital media and legally binding the transfer of use rights over the web," said Chris Tse, co-founder and CTO of Monegraph, "so creators can produce awesome content and without complexity, share purchasable media to thousands of buyers over social media or via their e-commerce enabled online catalogs."

Monegraph Everywhere's flexible payments system offers full control for media owners to associate royalties to individual works - photographs, videos or music - so as sales occur the system manages the automatic routing of payments to royalty owners such as photographers, agents, models, etc. as per the blockchain registration.  "Transparent and simple," says Kevin McCoy, CEO of Monegraph "Our goal has always been to facilitate distribution of creative media with the confidence that all interests are being accounted for and getting paid."

Uses case examples of creatives and media owners include:

  • Sports Leagues – no longer needing to rely on media brokers, leagues can distribute licensable media to newspapers, online magazines, bloggers, television networks, etc., as the action happens, directly from the League owners via their own website, Twitter feeds or other custom websites for customers of their exclusive content.
  • Collections – archives of photographs, music and videos can now be offered for purchase directly by their owners with various licensing options, e.g. limited editions and exclusives
  • Photographers – creatives can leverage their existing portfolios by using personalized Monegraph sites or integrating Monegraph into their current website and extend their current site

In addition to the Monegraph out-of-the-box ecommerce functionality on, Monegraph also engineered ease of integration with some of the leading tools commonly used by today's creatives and media owners.  Monegraph users can integrate their licensable media with tools such as  Adobe Lightroom, WordPress, Slack, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and others to best register and promote their content and make it instantly available for purchase.

Monegraph is committed to supporting a comprehensive set of third party web tools. The objective is to provide creatives and media owners with tools and techniques that serve their creative process, unlocking the true value of their creative vision.

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Monegraph is pioneering the future of digital media licensing and monetization via the blockchain. Founded in 2014, Monegraph is the leading developer of eLicensing solutions for creatives and content owners.  Headquartered in Manhattan, New York City at the New Museum's Incubator, New Inc., Monegraph delivers a set of tools to enable individual photographers and large media enterprises to distribute and monetize their photographs, videos and music directly.

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