MoneySolve Calls on Creditors to Issue Debt Advice

Jun 08, 2010, 07:48 ET from MoneySolve

MANCHESTER, England, June 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Debt management experts at MoneySolve believe that adults who are struggling to keep up repayments on loans or credit cards should be given more debt advice options by their creditors. The debt experts believe that creditors issuing payment chasing letters to those struggling to keep up with their financial commitments should make a range of options known to the debtors, commenting that,

"If someone is struggling to make payments on a regular basis, it's clear that there is a problem there. Rather than just writing to a debtor demanding payment and including a single number they can call for help, creditors should make a range of options available on the letter. These are people clearly in need of some help but many will feel intimidated approaching the creditors for advice. With that in mind, it makes more sense for creditors to issue the contact details of a range of debt advice services, including some of the many charities."

MoneySolve advisors believe that this will encourage more people to seek help where needed earlier.

"If there are more options there, including some options that are independent of the creditors themselves, this will encourage debtors to go and seek out the help they need."

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