Montage Adds Personality To On-Demand Voice And Video Interviewing

Visual Personality Assessments Improve Quality of Hire and Culture Fit, Deliver Deeper Client Insight, and Enhance Candidate Experience

Oct 19, 2015, 13:07 ET from Montage

LAS VEGAS, Oct. 19, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Montage, the leader of purpose-built voice and video interviewing solutions to the Global 5000, is enriching the interviewing experience by adding mobile-optimized visual personality assessments through a partnership with Traitify, a technology company offering unique visual personality assessments and the world's first personality API. The announcement was made at the 2015 HR Technology Conference and Expo in Las Vegas, NV. 

Traitify's personality assessments are based on a unique visual format, which contributes to a 90% completion rate. When measured using Cronbach's Alpha, a commonly used estimate of the reliability of psychometric tests, internal consistency was very high for all personality types (averaging a score of .938), exceeding many other mainstream personality assessments. 

"The results cater to clients seeking further predictive insight to complement their hiring process and obtain a unique perspective into team and culture fit.  The experience also engages candidates and provides them a greater understanding of their professional personality," said Tom Boyle, Montage's Vice President of Product. "These assessments -- delivered through such an engaging, mobile-friendly medium -- are a natural evolution of our candidate-centric voice and video interviewing product suite," he added. 

Through the partnership, Montage clients will be able to seamlessly incorporate scientifically-proven, visual personality assessments into their hiring workflow. Clients will also be able to evaluate current employees and compare existing personality types with candidates to ensure new hires complement the existing team.  At the conclusion of each assessment, Montage will generate a full spectrum of personality data for clients and provide candidates greater insight into their own personality, enriching their hiring experience by providing a valuable takeaway.

"Montage is committed to transforming how companies hire, making their solution an ideal delivery platform for our visual personality assessment," stated Derek Mercer, CEO of Traitify. "As the world becomes more sophisticated in its application of data, it is important to consider personality traits as we make our most important decisions, such as those impacting job fit and the workplace," he added. 

About Traitify
Founded in 2011, Traitify is a Baltimore-based technology company working to make personality a core element of social engagement and electronic commerce. Offering an array of visual personality assessments and the world's first personality API, Traitify helps individuals and organizations to create more human experiences and unlock the power of psychology and big data. Visit for more information.

About Montage 
Montage offers the most mature voice and video interviewing solution available, purpose-built to transform the hiring experience one smile at a time. Applying an enterprise software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, Montage is the global solution of choice for companies pursuing a hiring advantage. By extending talent reach, elevating employer brand, reducing travel, and minimizing costs, Montage engages candidates and hiring teams throughout the process, driving faster decisions and improving quality of hire.  Montage is used by the world's largest employers in more than 180 countries and translated in 18 languages. A privately held company, Montage is headquartered in Wisconsin. For more information, visit


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