Montblanc and Michele Products Top Graduation Gifts at Gideon's Fine Jewelry

Graduation presents that aren't just gorgeous, but also symbolic, are hot items at Gideon's Fine Jewelry this time of year.

May 24, 2013, 13:41 ET from Gideon's Fine Jewelry

LOS ANGELES, May 24, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Graduation season, besides bringing joy from celebrating such a powerful accomplishment, also leads many graduates to look into their bright future. This is why many people that come to Gideon's Fine Jewelry in the Woodland Hills district of Los Angeles are looking for gifts that encourage the graduating students to succeed in their lives. From luxurious Michele and Tissot watches to high class Montblanc pens, the items available at Gideon's Fine Jewelry allow for a wide range of gift options that are perfectly practical, sentimental, and glamorous.

For men and woman entering the professional workforce, a luxury watch is a must have. During the interview process, little details can make a huge difference. For the recent graduate who wants to impress her future bosses, Michele watches from Gideon's Fine Jewelry are a fantastic choice. Incredibly glamorous, these chronographs are always eye-catching, lovely, and speak volumes about the wearer's personality. Michele watches are great gifts, as well, because many of the Michele styles come with interchangeable bands, allowing the wearer to perfectly accessorize her favorite timepiece with her interview outfit. In addition to Michele watches, Gideon's Fine Jewelry is an authorized dealer of many luxury watch brands and can help any customer find a fitting timepiece for the graduate in their life. For men, Montblanc watches are always a stellar choice. The Montblanc Timewalker has found itself in the midst of a resurgence; with classic details like the stark and masculine numbers on the dial, this is a truly spectacular piece.

Similarly, a luxury writing instrument from Montblanc could be a fantastic interview accessory for those starting their careers. A perfect way to show interest during an interview is to take notes and using such a fine pen can attract the right kind of attention, opening the door as a conversation starter. This is even more true when considering the special and limited edition versions of Montblanc pens that are expertly designed in tribute to historical figures. For example, a graduating English major would surely appreciate a pen made in memory of William Faulkner, whereas a burgeoning fashionista may prefer a classy Princesse Grace De Monaco tribute writing instrument. These are just a few of the fantastic options available at Gideon's Fine Jewelry; there's bound to be a Montblanc pen in the watch seller's stock to please any up and comer.  

Of course, not every gift from Gideon's Fine Jewelry comes with a practical bent; in fact, the jewelry here shouldn't have to! Many of the beautiful adornments available from Gideon's Fine Jewelry celebrate the bond between gift giver and recipient. One of the company's newest additions, Taköhl jewelry, really celebrates this sentimentality. The designer calls them Treasure Rings because the band opens up to reveal an incredible inscription and additional gemstones. Gideon's Fine Jewelry is a huge proponent of Taköhl Treasure Rings; there's even a Taköhl Treasure Ring Creator on the Gideon's Fine Jewelry site that allows the customer to perfectly customize the ring they'd like and then print or email in their finished creation. These rings make ideal presents for graduation; with about 40 to 60 characters depending on the size of the ring, a parent or loved one can inscribe lovely words of wisdom, a favorite quote, or a hopeful note to the graduate. The band material and primary gemstone are also customizable, which means that these rings aren't just sweet, they're also glamorous.

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