Introduces the 'Matchmaker' - An Online Introduction Tool Integrated With Facebook

Jun 08, 2010, 11:55 ET from Moonit

NEW YORK, June 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Moonit (, the web's premier relationship compatibility site, has re-launched its website with a host of new relationship tools, including the highly anticipated "Matchmaker"—a fun online introduction tool for people to meet for romantic, friendship or business relationships.  The site also features relationship assessments and updates, available for "moon coins"—Moonit's virtual currency.

The Matchmaker

Over 400 million Facebook users worldwide will now be able to access their contacts on and transform the tradition of matchmaking into social networking introductions through Moonit's new Matchmaker interface.  Specifically, Moonit lets you "moon" any two of your Facebook contacts to see if they make the perfect couple.

The first step is to automatically upload your Facebook contacts onto the site.  Next, you select two individuals in your network you wish to match.  Once you've created a match, Moonit can send your friends a personal message, along with their Facebook photos and a relationship reading, to introduce them.  This reading includes a compatibility score and a detailed compatibility assessment that helps the matched individuals understand their relationship potential.

Relationship Status Updates

The website also boasts a user interface that makes it that much easier to get insights into personal and professional relationships on an ongoing basis.  For example, you can track your relationships with friends, business associates, crushes, or partners by signing up for relationship alerts.  Relationships have their ups and downs, so Moonit performs something called "transit analysis," which updates users each time a relationship with one of their contacts is changing.

These "relationship horoscopes" are custom developed for two specific individuals, and they are unique to the marketplace.  "For the first time ever, users will be able to get targeted insights into their relationships rather than rely on generic horoscopes. So they'll know when to rush home for some alone time with their significant other and when to give each other some space," said CEO Dana Kanze. Moonit gives users the option of setting email and text reminders to keep them apprised of these status updates.

"People are sometimes skeptical at first," Moonit's co-founder and President Mason Sexton added. "But as they start running relationships, they find the assessments to be pretty uncanny. This goes way beyond any astrological reading you may find in a newspaper or magazine."