More people choose eSpring™ brand of home water treatment systems

As awareness of water risks rises globally, more people prefer water treatment system by Amway for cleaner, safer drinking water at home

Nov 25, 2013, 19:00 ET from Amway

ADA, Mich., Nov. 25, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The eSpring™ Water Treatment System from Amway is now the world's number-one selling brand of home water treatment systems, based on a Verify Markets study of 2012 global sales. The study includes water treatment systems sold through retail channels as well as through direct selling.


Amway Business Owners have sold more than 7.2 million water treatment units in 44 countries and territories over the company's 30-plus years of developing and selling point-of-use water treatment systems.

According to Mitchell Urbytes, director of Global Home Brands for Amway, people need safe, clean water for drinking and cooking, but not everyone has access to quality water from their kitchen faucet.

"When people really love something, they tell others about it, especially in the direct selling business," said Urbytes. "Despite having a range of options for drinking water, consumers are choosing an eSpring™ system. When they have a device that they know consistently delivers clean, high-quality water at their tap, it gives them great peace of mind – and that's a compelling story to share with family and friends."

Customers say they choose the eSpring™ brand for these benefits:

  • Effectiveness: eSpring™ has been certified by NSF International to reduce more individual contaminants than any other carbon filtration and ultraviolet (UV) light treatment point-of-use system in the world. The eSpring™ system reduces more than 140 potential health-effect contaminants that may be in drinking water, while its UV light destroys more than 99.99 percent of waterborne disease-causing bacteria and viruses. (Click here for a video describing how an eSpring™ system works and independent verification of effectiveness.)
  • Innovative technology: Inside an eSpring™ unit, patented eCoupled™ wireless power technology transmits electricity through air, water and plastic components without direct-contact electrical connections to light the unit's UV lamp. Intelligent wireless power makes the units' performance highly efficient and reliable. The eSpring™ development team pioneered this breakthrough technology in 2000, and eSpring™ is the only water treatment system brand that has it.  
  • Ease of use: "Smart" electronic monitoring tells the user when to order and change the filter cartridge (about once a year), ensures the system is operating properly and provides high-quality, clean water at every use. Amway water treatment systems were the first home systems to combine a carbon block filter and ultraviolet (UV) light with electronic monitoring technology in the filter cartridge.
  • Personal attention: eSpring™ Water Treatment Systems are sold by knowledgeable, committed Amway Business Owners, who provide a level of personal attention and education that is typically not available in retail stores. Ordering replacement filters is easy and convenient. If service is required, Amway stands behind an eSpring™ system with an industry-leading warranty. 

Globally, residential water treatment, which ranges from pour-through pitchers to whole-house systems and includes point-of-use systems such as eSpring™, was a nearly US$11 billion market in 2012, according to Verify Markets. The US was the largest market for sales of home water treatment systems in 2012, followed by China.

"People are becoming increasingly aware of naturally occurring contaminants and ways human activities can contaminate our drinking water," said Roy Kuennen, Ph.D., director of durables research and development at Amway and a contributor to many patents on Amway water treatment systems. "They also recognize how quality of life can be affected when drinking water is not adequately treated or disinfected, or travels through an inadequately maintained distribution system – even their own home plumbing. They are choosing to take action to ensure clean, safe drinking water for their families."

Added Urbytes, "Amway is passionate about home water treatment solutions because the majority of its customers live in places where drinking-water quality and safety is a serious concern. Providing safe, clean drinking water is a way Amway lives out its mission to help people live better lives."

eSpring™ also is Asia's number one selling brand of home water treatment system, based on the Verify Markets study of 2012 global sales.

Amway was recognized in 2013 as the Asia Pacific Water Filtration Company of the Year by Frost & Sullivan for the fourth consecutive year. The award honors best practices in advancing water treatment standards, innovative design and customer value. The region includes Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand.

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