More Stork Crashes Lead to Unexpected Consequences - JUMBiES!

Jun 30, 2010, 05:20 ET from JUMBiELAND Industries, LLC

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., June 30 /PRNewswire/ -- JUMBiES - The unexpected "victims" of more stork crashes!  With more babies being born than ever before - the storks had to deliver them from shore to shore - it began to happen in a flash - one by one they started to crash!  And with that JUMBiES were made.  JUMBiES are one of the newest ideas in children's toys, combining two baby animals that were "JUMBLED" up as a result of storks from the Stork Delivery Service (S.D.S.) accidentally crashing into each other!  JUMBiES, which stands for JUMBLED Babies, are unique combinations of animals that utilize unique features from mammals, reptiles, birds, insects and even dinosaurs - that result in hilarious combinations - so a Dingo and a Bat become a Dingbat and a Camel and Ocelot become a Camelot!  "Every person has their own unique characteristics. JUMBiES help teach tolerance and acceptance by celebrating each other's differences. Plus, the different animal combinations really ignite the imagination of children and adults alike," says Stefan Marc - CJO – Chief JUMBiE Officer.



JUMBiES are currently shipping to independent toy stores, card shops, florists and specialty retailers across the country, Nearly 200 JUMBiES have been spotted so far!  JUMBiES suggested retail price is only $6.95, an attractive price even for miserly storks.

The first 12 JUMBiES  are Zumbo the Zelephant, Kloie the Horsefly, Bunker the Dingbat, Darwin the Duckey, Samson the Sealion, Leopold the Leopird, Yuri the Moosecow, Warner the Tyramasaurus, Arthur the Camelot, Filbert the Blabbit, Corkie the Pigbit and Whackers the Mallit. So far an internal investigating has cleared all storks of any wrong doing because JUMBiES are so cute and irresistible.

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