Morris Gad: In Philanthropy, Creativity is Key

Non-profit organizations must get creative to grab the attention of potential donors. Philanthropist Morris Gad commented on creative ideas in a statement to the press.

Nov 27, 2012, 06:00 ET from Morris Gad

NEW YORK, Nov. 27, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- A new article published by The Guardian suggests non-profit organizations must follow the lead of for-profit businesses and get creative to boost fundraising efforts. It offers key points these groups should consider when rolling out new campaigns. Philanthropist Morris Gad took note of the unique points made in the piece.

The article suggests non-profit organizations utilize online communities to their advantage when creating new campaigns. Bloggers are often willing to write about or promote good causes to their audiences. However, as the article notes, these individuals cannot possibly publish a write-up on a good cause unless it is brought to their attention. Most bloggers who are unable to support a particular campaign will still refer organizations to someone who might be interested.

President and CEO of Diamonds International, Morris Gad, is a philanthropist who also dedicates a number of his company's efforts to the support of charities. He commented on the ideas presented via the news article in a statement to the press: "This article makes some great points that we use when starting a philanthropic effort. When Diamonds International wants to give back to the community or help out with a relief effort, we always want to make sure our customers are engaged in the work. We want to make sure that they get their chance to put in a helping hand."

According to the article, non-profit organizations must also lose their inherent fear of creativity and use innovative methods to grab donors' attention.  The article suggests organizations consider campaigns from the viewpoint of the recipient. The same boring letter year after year is not likely to receive a great response. Ask questions focused on how any one message differs from others, suggests the article. By creating a campaign that grabs attention, organizations are better positioned to garner a response from donors.

Companies try a number of different ideas before settling on one to pursue. Though non-profits typically work with limited resources, there is no reason different small scale campaigns cannot be rolled out to different subsets of the population. In time, the organization can pick the message that seemed to work best and focus its efforts in developing that area.


Morris Gad is the CEO and President of Diamonds International. One of the world's largest retailers of diamonds and other gemstones, Diamonds International is headquartered in New York City and maintains retail locations across the Caribbean, Mexico and Alaska. Morris Gad is a dedicated philanthropist who has donated his personal funds to a number of good causes across the world. Diamonds International also supports a number of charitable locations that serve the communities in which its stores are located.




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