Morton Helps Take the Worry Out of Winter for Every Consumer

New Morton® Safe-T-Pet™ completes Morton's line of ice melting products that help make winter safer

Oct 25, 2010, 08:00 ET from Morton Salt, Inc.

CHICAGO, Oct. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- For many people, winter can be a worrisome season.  It means stocking up on products that help remove dangerous ice and snow.  With all the ice melting and snow removal products out there, consumers can be confused by unfamiliar brands and products with claims that may seem to be too good to be true.  Morton Salt, the brand consumers have trusted and welcomed into their homes for more than 100 years, has developed a full line of specialty ice melt blends and salt-free ice melt products to help make your winter season more manageable and less stressful.  From fast-acting to extreme temperature ice control, Morton offers an ice melt specially designed for your specific needs.

Morton® Safe-T-Pet™, the company's newest melter developed with veterinarians, is for those consumers specifically looking to provide a safer winter environment for their pets.  "The winter months can be a very dangerous and uncomfortable period for pets," says Dr. Sharon Gwaltney-Brant, veterinarian and board-certified toxicologist.  "It's important to protect your pet by using safer winter products.  Morton® Safe-T-Pet™ is made with an organic compound used for vegetation, making it less irritating to animals than salt-based ice melters."

The full Morton® Ice Melt line is segmented across distinct consumer needs:

  • Morton® Safe-T-Pet™: Salt-free, chloride free, and non-toxic ice melter which is safer to use around pets than rock salt.
  • Morton® Safe-T-Salt® Rock Salt: America's #1 selling brand of rock salt melts to 5 degrees Fahrenheit and offers ice control at an economical price.
  • Morton® Safe-T-Plus®: Formulated to be gentler on concrete surfaces and plants than rock salt, this ice melter can also reduce corrosion by 14 percent compared to plain salt.
  • Morton® Action Melt® Blend:  A blend of salt and calcium chloride, this ice melter melts faster and longer in sub-zero temperatures than rock salt.  
  • Morton® Safe-T-Power® Calcium Chloride:  Salt-free calcium chloride pellets provide ice control in extreme temperatures, melting down to -25 degrees Fahrenheit.

"Many consumers are unsure of what's in ice melt products or which product is best for their specific need," says Niles Hysell, Morton's Director of Ice Melt Product Management.  "Morton has been trusted for more than 100 years, and we're committed to maintaining that trust, which is why we make it easy for consumers to understand what they are purchasing by clearly stating the product benefits and performance expectations on the packaging."    

How to Choose an Ice Melter

It's important for consumers to understand that not all ice melters are created equal and choosing the wrong one can lead to disappointment as products do not live up to the safety and melting claims they make.  Furthermore, these products can also damage sidewalks, driveways, pets' paws and vegetation during the ice melting process.  

Some other ice melters on the market mislead consumers regarding how well the product melts and how safe the product is.  For example, when testing was conducted by Michigan Technological University Keweenah Snow Research Center, the Safe Paw™ ice melt product did not melt snow and ice at sub-zero temperatures as claimed.  Other brands claim to be pet-safe but actually contain chlorides which can be harmful to pets digestive systems if ingested and which can be painful or irritating to pets' paws.

While there is no regulation in the ice melting industry to verify product claims, Morton is leading the way by using third party testing to assure consumers that the ice melting performance claims for Morton's ice melter products are accurate.  

Morton provides a quick guide to purchasing ice melters:

  • Keep Pets, Surfaces, and Kids safe – For families with pets and kids looking for a melter made with organic compounds, try Morton® Safe-T-Pet™ which is made of urea, a non-toxic ingredient that is non-irritating and less corrosive than other ice melting products.
  • New sidewalk, no ice melt – Ice melters can be harmful to poor quality concrete or new concrete less than a year old, and may cause future cracks or other damage because all deicers increase the number of freeze-thaw cycles that can stress the concrete.  Morton® Safe-T-Plus® can help reduce the harmful effects of ice on concrete surfaces, but all sidewalks and driveways are susceptible to deicer damage and should be promptly cleared following ice break-up to reduce the risk of damage.  So if your concrete surface is less than a year old, it's best to use a good, old fashioned shovel or snow blower to clear the ice and snow.  
  • Plan ahead – the best time to purchase and use ice melt is before the snow starts falling and ice starts to form.  Pay attention to the weather and be sure to stock up with enough ice melt to cover surfaces before the first snowfall.  Most stores start stocking their shelves with ice melt in late October/early November.  Consumers can find coupons for Morton ice melters on

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