Mosaic Medical Centre Calls for up to Date Vaccinations Prior to Summer Travel

Jul 02, 2015, 09:04 ET from Mosaic Medical Centre

DUBAI, UAE, July 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --

Up to date immunisation and prophylactic treatment can prevent travel from turning into health hassles, says expert 

Mosaic Clinic, a premium provider of health and dental care in Dubai's Downtown area, has issued an advisory notice asking parents to ensure children are up to date on their vaccinations before the summer vacation season leads to a spike in international travel.

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The advisory comes as Mosaic Clinic research indicates that young travellers are at risk of contracting diseases during travel due to heightened exposure to infectious diseases and other health risks not routinely encountered in the UAE.

"The summer vacations are routinely the best time of the year for families to journey far and wide. But that correlates with exposure to new infectious diseases as children interact with thousands of other travellers from diverse geographies. Airports and transit points are hubs of activity but also encourage exposure. At Mosaic Clinic, we're recommending that vaccination and prophylactic medication be carefully considered so families can enjoy their travel experiences without health risks," said Mosaic Clinic's Specialist Paediatrician Dr Resmha Siddiqi.

Leisure travel, including visiting friends and relatives, accounts for some 90 percent of overseas travel from the UAE. Adventure travel, educational experiences and volunteerism are other factors encouraging travel to destinations relatively resource-limited compared to the UAE

"Travel is a life enriching experience. But we do suggest that precautions be taken. Families planning to travel should schedule a pre-travel consultation with their primary care physician, and paediatrician in the case of young children. The medical expert can help determine whether the travel destination, and any transit hubs along the way, require further immunisation or prophylactic cover," Dr Siddiqi added.

Mosaic Clinic has prepared a handy checklist of precautions to take before travelling. The first step is a pre-travel consultation that brings routine immunisations up to date, particularly for illnesses that present an increased risk of exposure during travel - such as diphtheria, measles, and chicken pox.

The next step is a closer analysis of the travel plan that takes into account each destination's particular diseases and infections. The analysis takes into account time of year as well as geographical exposure.

The Clinic recommends a timeline for travellers before the summer vacation season comes around. "Ideally, advice should be sought 4 to 6 weeks prior to travel, and at the very least 2 weeks prior to departure. Adequate time is required for vaccines to become effective. Sometime more than one dose may be needed, depending on the vaccine being administered and the state of the prior immunization schedule," Dr Siddiqi explained.

Mosiac Clinic has also prepared a list of diseases and immunisations based on geography. Infectious diseases to watch out for include yellow fever, typhoid, Hepatitis A, Japanese encephalitis and rabies

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