MotionPortrait Donating All Sales from 12 iPhone Apps to Japan Tsunami & Earthquake Relief

Mar 15, 2011, 12:33 ET from MotionPortrait, Inc.

TOKYO, March 14, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- MotionPortrait will be donating all sales from the company's 12 iPhone apps to the Japan Tsunami & Earthquake Relief to assist the relief and recovery of the victims and areas affected by this devastating earthquake. The donation period will be effective immediately starting today through March 31, 2011. 100% of sales from the following apps, offered at $0.99 each during this period, will be donated to relief agencies.

  1. Brain Controller
  2. PhotoSpeak : 3D Talking Photo
  3. NullFace
  4. HourFace : 3D Aging Photo
  5. AlienAvatar : 3D Alienizer
  6. ZombieBooth : 3D Zombiefier
  7. FacePainting 3D
  8. HauntedFace
  9. 3D Animalizer
  10. MillionFace
  11. MP Pets : Dogs
  12. SumoBooth : TalkingPhoto

MotionPortrait, a So-net company, sincerely hopes for the earliest possible recovery of the areas affected by this tragedy, and will continue to give full support to the relief efforts.  

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