MotiveWave Software Integrates Barchart Market Data

MotiveWave provides charting analysis and trading software for active traders

Mar 10, 2011, 09:00 ET from, Inc.

CHICAGO, March 10, 2011 /PRNewswire/ --, Inc., a leading provider of market data and information, today announced a data feed relationship with MotiveWave Software, an up-and-coming provider of charting analysis and trading software for the individual active trader.  With their newly formed relationship, users of MotiveWave's software can subscribe to Barchart's real-time data feeds which are sourced directly from futures and equity exchanges.  MotiveWave Software and Barchart have implemented a direct integration for users to select Barchart as a data source. 

"MotiveWave users now have the option of selecting Barchart's data feeds as a real-time and historical data service, including Level 2 and historical tick data," said Eero Pikat, President of Barchart.  "We are excited to partner with MotiveWave Software and for their users to have access to Barchart's data," said Pikat.

MotiveWave is a comprehensive charting analysis and trading platform that also specializes in Elliott Wave, Fibonacci, Gann and Gartley trading strategies.  MotiveWave's advanced Elliott Wave tools allow Elliott Wave traders to cut down the amount of time it takes them to create their Elliott Wave Analysis.  The Elliott Wave components also allow Elliott Wave traders to be more confident in their wave counts because the software tells them when and how an Elliott Wave Theory rule has been broken, allowing them to adjust their plotted wave counts accordingly.  Combine that with advanced Fibonacci ratios, including the ability for a trader or market analyst to create their own custom set of ratios, and MotiveWave delivers a powerful software platform that is very easy-to-use.

"MotiveWave's charting and trading platform is very easy-to-use whether you are a beginner, a market analyst or a professional discretionary trader," said Tony Lindsay, Founder of MotiveWave Software.  "We are very happy that our users can now use market data from a leading data provider like Barchart," added Lindsay.

To get a full access free 30-day trial of MotiveWave, visit, and when prompted, select Barchart as your data service provider.

About Barchart 

With a heritage dating back to 1934,, Inc. has substantial experience in meeting the information needs of the financial, agriculture, energy and media industries.  As a full-service provider of futures, equity and foreign exchange market data, Barchart provides a wide range of market data products and solutions for customers ranging from institutional to retail.  As an established leader in an industry that demands accuracy and innovation, Barchart's goal is to form partnerships that deliver comprehensive solutions for success.  For more information, please visit

About MotiveWave Software

Founded in 2010, MotiveWave Software ( is quickly emerging as a leading developer of easy-to-use high-performance charting and trading software for the individual active trader. Built with the individual trader in mind, the company's trading platform, MotiveWave, provides advanced charting and market analysis that enables traders to easily execute their trading decisions accurately and efficiently through its intuitive charts, trading screens and order management capabilities.  Based in Toronto, ON, MotiveWave Software is continually investing in product development to make MotiveWave the best trading software available.