Motor Carriers Receive Instant Access to Thousands of 1099 Independent Truck Drivers Registered on Blue Bloodhound

Feb 01, 2016, 15:26 ET from Blue Bloodhound

CHARLOTTE, N.C., Feb. 1, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Less than two months after the launch of Blue Bloodhound's web- and mobile-based technology, more than 3,000 CDL-licensed truck drivers from all 50 states have signed up for the revolutionary tool.

Blue Bloodhound provides truck drivers the opportunity to work as 1099 independent contractors, allowing for the freedom and flexibility to drive when, where and for whomever they want.  The key is that they are ready and available to drive at a moment's notice.

Motor carriers using Blue Bloodhound gain immediate access to a large pool of these road-ready drivers operating as 1099 independent contractors. Motor carriers simply post available runs and compensation; drivers can then apply for the job, or carriers can actively search for a driver that meets their needs.    

Once a match is made, the Blue Bloodhound technology enables the carriers to verify driver qualifications files and determine availability in just minutes.

"The driver shortage is a significant issue that is having a major impact on motor carriers every single day," said Todd Warner, chief operating officer of Blue Bloodhound. "We're providing motor carriers a way to connect to drivers instantly, ultimately helping create a more efficient and cost-effective process of hiring drivers."  

Because the drivers are 1099 contractors, many payroll costs associated with W-2 employees and recruitment efforts are eliminated.

Noted Warner: "Blue Bloodhound lets motor carriers maintain a workforce based on needs. The ability to pay for a driver only when you need one is a huge benefit to them.  We have created a convenient and legal way to partner with a flexible, 1099 independent driver workforce."

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