Motorcycles Market in China

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Motorcycles Market in China


This study analyzes demand for motorcycles in China. Motorcycles covered include gas-powered -- or internal combustion engine (ICE) motorcycles -- and electric-powered types. Gas motorcycles are segmented by engine displacement: light motorcycles (50 cc or less), medium motorcycles (above 50 cc and less than 250 cc), and heavy motorcycles (250 cc and above). The ICE motorcycle market is also segmented by motorcycle type (i.e., cruisers, scooters, and underbones). Electric motorcycles are segmented by type -- mopeds, electric bicycles, and scooters and other types -- and by battery chemistry -- lead-acid, lithium, and nickel-metal hydride. Historical data are provided for 2001, 2006, and 2011, with forecasts to 2016 and 2021. Aside from examining the Chinese motorcycle market by product type, this study also presents data for sales of motorcycles in China by market (transportation, recreation and sport, and other) and by region (e.g., Central-North, Central-East, and Southwest). The term "sales" -- used interchangeably with "market," "demand," and "consumption" -- is defined as all shipments from Chinese plants, plus imports minus exports. The renminbi (or RMB) is the official currency of the People's Republic of China, and the base unit of the renminbi is the yuan. The term "yuan" is used throughout this report when referring to currency amounts. "Gas motorcycles" and "ICE motorcycles" are used interchangeably.

All of the national market statistics presented exclude motorcycle demand in Hong Kong and Macau, even though these special administrative regions formally became part of the People's Republic of China during the late 1990s -- Hong Kong in 1997 and Macau in 1999. Taiwan, which is economically independent from the rest of China and not under the administration of the central government, is excluded from the scope of this study as well.

In addition, major suppliers of motorcycles are identified and profiled, and the key competitive variables for this industry are discussed. The entire report is framed within the Chinese motorcycle industry's economic and market environments. Motorcycle revenues by company data presented in the "Industry Structure" section are estimates based on consultation with multiple sources. Market share is calculated based on sales of motorcycles produced in company manufacturing facilities; joint venture sales are allotted according to each company's share in the venture. Tabular details may not add to totals due to independent rounding, and calculated ratios may reflect unrounded numbers. Macroeconomic and demographic indicators in this study were obtained from The Freedonia Group Consensus Forecasts dated June 2012.

Information and data on the motorcycle industry were obtained from a variety of primary and secondary sources, including government and trade associations, industry participants, online databases, and other Freedonia studies. Secondary data sources include Chinese government statistical agencies (principally the National Bureau of Statistics of China), the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, the China Bicycle Association, the International Monetary Fund, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Communications, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Ministry of Public Security, the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development, the State Administration of Taxation, the United Nations, the US State Department, the World Bank, industry experts, financial sources, and motorcycle companies.

Primary and secondary data were also obtained from various trade publications, including Automotive Engineering International , Automotive Industries , Automotive News , China Auto & Motorbike Parts , China Automotive Industry Yearbook , China Automotive Review , China Bicycle , China Motorcycle Industry Yearbook , and Motorcycle News . Corporate annual reports, SEC Form 10-K filings, product literature, and other company information were also used in framing the industry and market environments and as input for market size assessments.

Statistics from various sources were carefully examined during the preparation of this study, and contradictions and discrepancies among data sources were noted. The accuracy and reliability of figures from each source were evaluated, and adjustments were made where deemed necessary. This was done in order to arrive at a consistent set of industry statistics, which are based on the best available information at the time this study was published. As a result, the data presented here may differ, sometimes substantially, from figures issued by official governmental sources.





General 4

Economic Overview 6

Recent Economic Performance 6

Economic Outlook 8

Demographic Overview 12

Population 13

Urbanization 15

Households 16

Currency Exchange Rates 18

Consumer Income & Expenditure Trends 21

Light Vehicle Market Trends 23

Light Vehicle Supply & Demand 25

Light Vehicle Park 27

Low-Speed Vehicle Market Trends 28

Low-Speed Vehicle Overview 29

Low-Speed Vehicle Supply & Demand 31

Bicycle Supply & Demand 33

Public Vehicle Transportation Systems 34

Policy & Regulatory Factors 36

Industrial Policy 36

The Five-Year Plan 37

Other Industrial Policy 38

Motorcycle Emissions Standards 41

Gas Motorcycle Bans 43

Regulations for Electric Motorcycles 45

Motorcycle Safety 47

Counterfeiting 48


Supply & Demand 50

Motorcycle Park 52

Markets 53

Transportation 55

Recreation & Sport 59

Other 63

Pricing Trends 66

Gas Motorcycles 67

Electric Motorcycles 69

Technology Trends 70

The Shift from 2-Stroke to 4-Stroke Engines 72

Electric & Hybrid Engines 74

International Context 76

Foreign Trade 77

Gas Motorcycles 78

Electric Motorcycles 81

World Outlook for Motorcycles 82


General 85

Gas Motorcycle Models 88

Cruisers 90

Scooters 90

Underbones & Other 91

Gas Motorcycle Engine Displacements 92

Light Motorcycles 94

Medium Motorcycles 96

Heavy Motorcycles 99


General 103

Electric Motorcycle Models 105

Mopeds 108

Electric Bicycles 112

Scooters & Other 116

Electric Motorcycle Battery Type 120

Lead-Acid Batteries 122

Lithium Batteries 123

Nickel-Metal Hydride 124


General 125

Regional Demographic & Economic Trends 127

Population Patterns 128

Economic Outlook 130

Regional Demand for Motorcycles 131

Central-North 134

Overview 134

Motorcycle Demand 136

Northeast 139

Overview 139

Motorcycle Demand 141

Central-East 144

Overview 144

Motorcycle Demand 145

Central-South 148

Overview 148

Motorcycle Demand 149

Southwest 151

Overview 151

Motorcycle Demand 153

Northwest 156

Overview 156

Motorcycle Demand 157


General 160

Industry Composition 163

Market Share 166

Gas Motorcycles 167

Electric Motorcycles 170

Product Development & Manufacturing 173

Marketing & Distribution 176

Financial Issues & Requirements 178

Cooperative Agreements 180

Foreign Participation in the Chinese Market 184

Legal & Regulatory Issues 185

Joint Ventures 187

Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprises (WOFEs) 189

Representative Offices 190

Company Profiles 191

China Chongqing Shineray Motorcycle Company Limited 192

China Jialing Industrial Company Limited 193

Chongqing Jianshe Motorcycle Company Limited 194

Chongqing Lifan Industry Group Company Limited 196

Chongqing Loncin Industry Group Company Limited 197

Chongqing Yingang Science & Technology Group Company Limited 198

Chongqing Yinxiang Motorcycle Group Company Limited 199

Dachangjiang Group Company Limited 201

Dayun Group Company Limited 202

Foton Lovol International Heavy Industries Company Limited 204

Giant Manufacturing Company Limited 205

Guangzhou Automobile Industry Group Company Limited 206

Guangzhou Benma Industrial Company Limited 208

Guangzhou Dayang Motorcycle, see Dayun Group Guangzhou Panyu Huanan Motors Group Company Limited 209

Guangzhou Tianma Group Tianma Motorcycle Company Limited 210

Harley-Davidson Incorporated 211

Henan Xinzhongji Jiaotong Science & Technology Company Limited 213

Honda Motor Company Limited 214

Jiangsu Xinri Electric Bicycle Company Limited 217

Jiangsu Yadea Technical Development Company Limited 218

Jiangxi Hongdu Voyage Industry Group Changzhou Hongdu E-bicycle Company Limited 219

Jinan Qingqi Motorcycle Company Limited 220

Jincheng Corporation 221

Kawai Motor Industry Guangzhou, see Luoyang Northern Enterprises Group Luoyang Northern Enterprises Group Company Limited 223

Qingdao Aucma Company Limited 225

Qunsheng Group Company Limited 226

Shandong Bidewen Power Technology Company Limited 227

Shandong Incalcu Group Company Limited 228

Shandong Wuzheng Group Company Limited 229

Shenzhen China Bicycle Company Holdings Limited 230

Suzhou Heping Industrial Company Limited 231

Suzuki Motor Corporation 232

Tianjin Aima Science and Technology Company Limited 234

Tianjin Fujida Group Company Limited 235

Wuyang-Honda Motors Guangzhou, see Guangzhou Automobile Industry Group and Honda Motor Yamaha Motor Company Limited 236

Zhejiang Dishu Electric Vehicle Technology Company Limited 239

Zhejiang Luyuan Electric Vehicle Company Limited 240

Zhejiang Qianjiang Motorcycle Company Limited 241

Zhejiang Qianxi Vehicle, see Qunsheng Group Zhonglu Company Limited 242

Zongshen Industrial Group Company Limited 243



Summary Table 3


1 Gross Domestic Product of China 12

2 Population of China 14

3 Households in China by Region 17

4 Chinese Currency Exchange Rates, 2001-2011 20

5 Personal Income & Expenditures in China 23

6 Light Vehicle Indicators in China 25

7 Low-Speed Vehicle Indicators in China 33

8 Bicycle Indicators in China 34

9 Bus Park in China 36


1 Motorcycle Supply & Demand in China 52

2 Motorcycle Demand in China by Market 55

3 Transportation Motorcycle Demand in China 59

4 Recreation & Sport Motorcycle Demand in China 63

5 Motorcycle Demand in Other Markets in China 65

6 Motorcycle Pricing Patterns in China 67

7 Motorcycle Demand by Engine Type 71

8 Motorcycle Foreign Trade in China 78

9 World Motorcycle Demand 83


1 Gas Motorcycle Demand in China 88

2 Gas Motorcycle Demand in China by Model 89

3 Gas Motorcycle Demand in China by Displacement 93

4 Light Motorcycle Demand in China 96

5 Medium Motorcycle Demand in China 99

6 Heavy Motorcycle Demand in China 102


1 Electric Motorcycle Demand in China 105

2 Electric Motorcycle Demand in China by Model 107

3 Electric Moped Demand in China 111

4 Electric Bicycle Demand in China 115

5 Electric Scooter & Other Electric Motorcycle Demand in China 119

6 Electric Motorcycle Demand in China by Battery Type 121


1 Population in China by Region 129

2 Gross Domestic Product of China by Region 131

3 Motorcycle Demand in China by Region 133

4 Central-North Region of China: Motorcycle Demand 138

5 Northeast Region of China: Motorcycle Demand 143

6 Central-East Region of China: Motorcycle Demand 147

7 Central-South Region of China: Motorcycle Demand 151

8 Southwest Region of China: Motorcycle Demand 155

9 Northwest Region of China: Motorcycle Demand 159


1 Motorcycle Sales by Company, 2011 165

2 Selected Cooperative Agreements 182



1 Population of China by Age, 2001-2021 15

2 Households in China by Region, 2001-2021 18

3 Chinese Currency Exchange Rate, 2001-2011 21


1 Motorcycle Demand in China by Engine Type, 2001-2021 72

2 World Motorcycle Demand by Region, 2011 84


1 Gas Motorcycle Demand in China by Model, 2011 89

2 Gas Motorcycle Demand in China by Displacement, 2011 94


1 Electric Motorcycle Demand by Model, 2001-2011 108

2 Electric Moped Demand in China, 2001-2021 112

3 Electric Bicycle Demand in China, 2001-2021 116

4 Electric Scooter & Other Electric Motorcycle Demand in China, 2011-2021 120

5 Electric Motorcycle Demand in China by Battery Type, 2001-2021 122


1 Motorcycle Demand in China by Region, 2011 134

2 Central-North Region of China 136

3 Northeast Region of China 141

4 Central-East Region of China 145

5 Central-South Region of China 149

6 Southwest Region of China 153

7 Northwest Region of China 157


1 Motorcycle Market Share in China by Company, 2011 167

2 Gas Motorcycle Market Share in China by Company, 2011 168

3 Electric Motorcycle Market Share in China by Company, 2011 171

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