Mount for New Apple TV Launches Worldwide in Apple Stores

Nov 23, 2015, 07:13 ET from Innovelis, Inc.

SEATTLE, Nov. 23, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The new Apple TV may transform how we interact with televisions.  However, people with wall-mounted televisions often wonder where to put their new Apple TV.

Today, Apple solved this installation challenge by introducing a patented Apple TV mount in Apple stores.  The mount, called TotalMount Pro, is a premium Apple TV mount that attaches Apple TV to the back of your television.

Wall-mounted TV owners previously struggled with tunneling an HDMI cable from a television through a wall to an Apple TV.  "Running an HDMI cable through a wall is too destructive and time-consuming for many people," stated Eric Wengreen, one of the inventors.  TotalMount Pro makes Apple TV installation simple by attaching the Apple TV to the back of the television.  This installation method positions Apple TV for easy access to the HDMI port on the back of the television.  (A power cord is still necessary, but most wall-mounted televisions have a power outlet behind the television.)

Another previous option was trying to balance the Apple TV on a fireplace ledge or shelf. "Unfortunately, this does not hide the cables, and the Apple TV can be easily bumped off the ledge," said Wes Schwie, General Counsel and patent attorney.  The new mount securely attaches the Apple TV to the back of your television where the Apple TV is protected.

The new Apple TV includes a rechargeable remote control with motion sensing, a Touch surface for navigation, and Bluetooth (so the remote's signal can pass through walls).  TotalMount Pro also includes a remote holder that assists with recharging the remote control.  TotalMount Pro is currently priced at $29.95 and is available exclusively in Apple stores and at  TotalMount Pro is compatible with the new Apple TV (4th generation) and adjusts to fit the 2nd and 3rd Apple TV generations.

TotalMount, by Innovelis Inc., is the trusted leader in media-player mounting.  With a passionate team and many patents, TotalMount consistently delivers quality and reliability.  For more information, please contact Wes Schwie at 651-428-9828 or



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