Move Over Gentlemen - This is the Year of the Vixen

Smoothly crafted, female-centric Vixen Vodka hits shelves in Georgia

Nov 09, 2012, 10:37 ET from Vixen Vodka

ATLANTA, Nov. 9, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- A powerful new spirit is making a splash as Vixen Vodka hits the shelves in Georgia, shaking up the male-dominated category with a twist of girl power.

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The dream of three smart, savvy Southern women comes alive this fall as they take on the boys club head-to-head and give women what they really want – a delicious vodka brand created for the female palate.

Vixen Vodka embodies its creators' "why not?" approach to life, a philosophy that has taken them on a straight shot into the heart of the spirit industry offering "lust in liquid form." In August 2010, the brand's founders LeeAnn Maxwell, Jenny Policky and Carrie King, all metro Atlanta residents, were enjoying a girls' beach weekend when they made the decision to launch a female-centric vodka, Vixen Vodka, made by vixens, for vixens. With that, and a few more cocktails, the women put their extensive sales and marketing backgrounds into action and embarked on a two-year journey not just to create a product, but a brand. A brand that stood for the qualities they hope to inspire in others – strength, independence, courage, sass and a lust for life.

"The three of us are in our 30s, 40s, and 50s and we are our target audience – we speak their language," said LeeAnn Maxwell, partner and CEO. "Vodka is a woman's spirit of choice. It's crisp, clean, figure-friendly and light. However, it's the burn factor in all vodkas that we didn't care for, and our vodka negates that burn. But Vixen is not just about the vodka, it's a brand that is shaking up an entire category. It's giving women what they want. It's about following your dreams."

The vodka is crafted by Mile High Spirits in Denver, Colo., in one of only a few glass stills in the world. Made from corn and pure spring water, Vixen is distilled five times, creating a high-quality, gluten-free spirit smooth enough to be enjoyed simply on the rocks."When developing Vixen Vodka, we wanted to make certain that the product was crisp, delicious and versatile enough to perfectly complement a wide variety of mixers," said Policky, partner and director of sales. "The quality of the product is extremely important to us. Since Vixen Vodka is distilled five times, it has the attributes of an ultra-premium vodka, but at an affordable price."

The name draws from the founders' belief that all women are vixens – empowered, independent and sexy. This belief is mirrored in their brand anthem, which in part reads, "I am more than my reflection in the mirror. I rule every room I enter."

"It takes unique branding to stand out in such a competitive category," said King, partner and director of marketing. "Honestly, there is not another brand like ours in the spirits category. We stand for strength and real women, so much so that the legs in our logo are a real woman's legs. We want our brand to bring out the inner vixen in everyone, because let's face it, there's nothing wrong with being sexy, sassy and strong."

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Vixen Vodka was created by empowered women for empowered women. Touting the tagline "lust in liquid form," Vixen Vodka is gluten free and elegantly crafted in Colorado from corn and pure spring water, then distilled five times in one of only a few glass stills in the world. Vixen Vodka is available in select retailers, restaurants and bars throughout Georgia with plans to launch in other major U.S. cities are scheduled in 2013. For more information visit and

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