Movie Turns Into a Growing Movement to Reach Hurting Teens.


Jan 15, 2010, 16:16 ET from New Song Pictures

OCEANSIDE, Calif., Jan. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- In impressive local movements across the country, individuals and organizations that work with teens are tirelessly launching grassroots efforts to bring the film TO SAVE A LIFE to their local communities. In many cities, the efforts are led by teens themselves.

Inspired by the film's campaign, these people realize that a film cannot change the world.  But the people who see it can change the lives of those around them.  In the film, the lead character goes through a series of personal setbacks and a tragedy when a childhood friend ends his own life.  Jake Taylor (played by Randy Wayne) begins to ask himself what he could have done to prevent it.

Simply by word of mouth, active street teams and local campaigns, TO SAVE A LIFE has been gaining over 2,000 fans a day on Facebook (now with over 53,000 members) and has received emails from over 5,000 people who have requested to be local "Tower Crew" street team representatives.  Original screenings of the film to over 20,000 youth workers, teens, parents, teacher and coaches aided in building interest, as well as a loyal, solid fan base.  

Over 200 "Lifeline Squads" have pledged to pre-sell a minimum of 1,000 tickets to the film for opening weekend.  2,500 youth groups across the country have planned to take their students and friends to theaters to view TO SAVE A LIFE.  

While the creators hoped the film would be a great tool to inspire viewers to reach out to hurting teens, the massive amount of public support has shown the film has struck a chord with people all across the country – especially teens and those who care about them.

"We have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support for the film," states Jim Britts, screenwriter of TO SAVE A LIFE. "Hundreds of these groups are banding together to help hurting teens, and truly start a movement of hope.  We are encouraged to see the film's powerful message really will help save lives."

In Burleson, TX, a group has organized a "red carpet" opening with cast and crew from the film.  Before and after the movie, attendees will be able to attend a free party celebrating the film, and reaching out to teens in the community.  To make sure no teens get left out, the group is gathering counselors to attend the event to speak with teens in crisis.  Over 500 local volunteers including parents, youth workers, educators and city leaders have committed to helping this event reach as many teens as possible.  Five screenings of the film there have already sold out.

In Ohio, a group is raising money to buy out complete showtimes and passing out the tickets to people they think might need to see the film.  Then they are going to have a staffed "listening room" set up for anyone who might need to talk about a problem or get help after seeing the film.

A citizen bought 1,000 tickets to a theater in Kansas, so the first 1,000 teens to come to the theater opening night can get in for free.  This will be followed up by seven weeks of outreach to hurting teens in the local community.

People across the country are volunteering to sponsor "scholarships" to buy tickets for kids anywhere in the country who cannot afford tickets.

Robin in Oklahoma lost her teenage son, Tyler, to suicide. She is using the movie to help reach teens in the Tulsa area who are dealing with the issues in the film.  At her son's funeral, they released 400 rainbow balloons with messages to help other teens.  Since the film releases on what would have been her son's 20th birthday, they plan to release balloons at the Tulsa movie theaters as well.

A bus company in Texas has volunteered to drive any students who do not have transportation to the film to the nearest showing over 20 miles away.  Now the school district itself is offering to drive other students as well.  A group there is committing to raise money for all 800 local high school students to attend the film free of charge.  Currently they have raised enough money for 330 tickets to be purchased.

Teachers are giving extra credit to students who see the film, and bonus points if they bring a friend.  

In St. Charles, MO, as in many other cities, after screening the film, area churches are doing lock-ins to discuss the issues brought out in the film, ending with bowling at sunrise!

"The grassroots support for TO SAVE A LIFE, even before it releases, has been amazing," explains director Brian Baugh (DP - THE ULTIMATE GIFT, JACK AND THE BEANSTALK). "While teens obviously love blockbuster films, they also aren't afraid to be challenged by films like TO SAVE A LIFE.  They seem to embrace and respond to the authenticity of the movie and are proud of the fact that there is a movie out there that deals with real issues that they face everyday."

As more stories come in every day, the film team is increasing its resources for hurting teens, including the creation of a non-fiction book and online resources.  For more information on crisis intervention groups, please check

TO SAVE A LIFE was created by New Song Pictures and Outreach Films, and is distributed through Samuel Goldwyn Films.  TO SAVE A LIFE will be on over 400 screens in theaters nationwide January 22, 2010.


An all-star athlete and his girlfriend find their lives spinning out of control when Jake loses a childhood friend.  Help comes when he reaches out to others who are hurting, and he realizes some people are just dying to be heard.

The movie asks...

How far would you go?

How much would you risk?

How hard would you fight ... TO SAVE A LIFE


Can a movie change the world? No, but a person who sees it can.

TO SAVE A LIFE is more than a movie. It's the difference you can make when you use your influence and time for others — whether in your family, neighborhood, campus, community or world. Some people are just dying to be heard and accepted. Imagine if we took the time to show people they have value.

Listen. Reach out. Engage. TO SAVE A LIFE dares — no, inspires — you to.

TO SAVE A LIFE is a cool movie. But it's only a movie. You can change the world. Start here:


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