Lets Movie-Goers Help Determine Which Films Get Made!

Hollywood production companies listen to voice of movie fans.

Oct 26, 2010, 06:18 ET from

AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Movie fans have a chance to be a Hollywood insider on Like an "American Idol" for filmmaking, MovieHatch lets fans help Hollywood producers decide which movies to make. Rising filmmakers have entered pitches of original film ideas to be considered.

Just like professional film critics, fans watch trailers and rate pitches by giving a certain number of stars and can rate as many pitches as they would like at Voting ends December 5th.

"For Hollywood, MovieHatch takes the guesswork out of selecting the next great original film to make by showing exactly what movie-goers want to see," says founder and CEO, Lauren Hirsch Williams. "It provides a real chance for emerging talent to have their ideas hand delivered to the right people." invites movie fans to become "Public Producers" to determine 10 film ideas that go directly to film industry professionals. Scripts for the best ideas will be read and considered by 25+ Hollywood producers, agents, managers and writers, after fans have decided which ones they want to see made into movies. Several scripts could be chosen for development or full production.

"MovieHatch is a powerful new avenue that helps writers and filmmakers gain exposure to key industry insiders, as well as the movie-going audience. Not only that, but MovieHatch is unique in that it provides invaluable advice, and resources, for writers and filmmakers and offers an unheard of opportunity to actually put that counsel to use and potentially have a project produced," says Jeffrey Reddick, writer of "Final Destination", one of MovieHatch's judges.

One of MovieHatch's greatest advantages is the impressive roster of partnerships that has been secured with some of Hollywood's top production companies including: Rat Entertainment (Brett Ratner), FoxxKing, Broken Road Productions, Varsity Pictures, Underground Films, Tribeca Productions, and Red Wagon Entertainment, among others.

There are over 10 new judges this year, including:

  • Steven Susco, Writer, "The Grudge", "High School" with Michael Chiklis/Adrian Brody
  • Mark Kaufmann, Executive Producer, "Hairspray", "17 Again", "Four Christmases"
  • Matt Fuller, Creative Executive, MBST "Arthur", management for Robin Williams, Woody Allen
  • Brandy Palmer, Creative Executive, FoxxKing, a Jamie Foxx production company

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