MoZeus Inc. Provides Update on Possible Expansion Into Asia After 6-Month Long Research Initiative Concludes

Feb 28, 2013, 20:05 ET from MoZeus Worldwide

ATLANTA, Feb. 28, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- MoZeus Worldwide, a worldwide leader in marketing technologies and mobile content management, is pleased to announce that its 6-month research initiative focusing on Asian expansion has ended and results of the study are expected in the coming days.  MoZeus, creators of the critically acclaimed SMART Activator, has already worked on four different continents, including Asia, North America, Europe and Australia.  Thanks in large part to the platform's ability to run on virtually any Android or iOS device in the world, MoZeus is well positioned to build on its enormous early success in the United States.   The 3-year old company has been on a fast track since inception, having worked with more than 250 brands and more than 75 different marketing agencies.

Starting quickly and growing fast is nothing new for MoZeus President and CTO, Scott Sheppard.  Having built a multi-million dollar company already, WebVMC, which was later bought by Intel in 2008, Sheppard is no stranger to inventing technology platforms that have demand all over the globe. While MoZeus and WebVMC have very little in common with regards to revenue strategies, Sheppard spent ample time in both Asia and Europe during his four years running WebVMC.

"We definitely have put a lot of time and energy into exploring the international market and have long believed that Asia is a very logical fit for our technology platform, " said Sheppard.  "Creating mobile engagements and managing content that is directly linked to social media channels like Facebook and Twitter is happening everywhere.  Thanks to our vast experience with Apple and Android, we know we're ready to expand - it's just a matter of when and where. "

To date, MoZeus has collected more than 30 million data points and 10+ million unique leads on the SMART Activator platform. Notable clients and properties that utilize MoZeus include Ford, Verizon, Coca-Cola, Comcast, AT&T, Beam Global, Cover Girl, Porsche, Nissan, Harley Davidson, Taylor Swift and Pink, among many others.

"We were fortunate early on to bring our technology to Australia and New Zealand thanks to our partnership with Taylor Swift and Cover Girl a few years back.  Being able to draw on international experience like that gave us great confidence with regards to expansion," added Sheppard.

For more information on MoZeus Worldwide or to learn more about the SMART Activator platform, please visit or call 1-888-YMOZEUS (966-9387).


SOURCE MoZeus Worldwide