MPG Car Rental Adds the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van to Their Green Fleet

With their new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van, MPG Car Rental continues to offer a fleet of eco-friendly vehicles for every driving need.

May 24, 2013, 18:40 ET from MPG Car Rental

LOS ANGELES, May 24, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Since their inception, MPG Car Rental has focused exclusively on electric, clean diesel and hybrid rental options. Over the course of their existence, the esteemed company has amassed the largest and most diverse variety of vehicles in Los Angeles for hybrid car rental. The rental company is dedicated to providing an eco-friendly car rental – hybrid, electric, diesel or otherwise, for every travel need. Thus, the recent addition of an endlessly practical Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van to their all green fleet represents a logical step forward for the company.

As usual, MPG Car Rental is placed firmly at the forefront of clean diesel technology with the addition of the hearty 12-passenger Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van to their fleet. For passengers or cargo, the luxurious Mercedes-Benz provides exceptional safety and plenty of incredible features. With a six-foot tall side door entry way, riders find entering the Sprinter Van to be quick and easy, and transporting bulky cargo is a breeze. Not surprisingly, the clean diesel Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van was voted best in class, and stands as an ideal addition to an already exceptional vehicle selection.

With their new Sprinter Van, MPG Car Rental continues the work they've done for years, helping to put an end to antiquated views regarding the performance of eco-friendly vehicles. At MPG Car Rental, you'll find earth-friendly vehicles that never focus on energy efficiency at the expense of style, comfort or speed. The Los Angeles Car Rental company offers classics like the Toyota Prius (in four models), but also a number of cars that, only a few short years ago many would never believe were eco-friendly.

Bulky, gas-guzzling SUVs were for a long time viewed as the ultimate enemy to green-minded drivers of the Toyota Prius or Honda Insight. Today, though, MPG Car Rental offers a Chevy Tahoe Hybrid that boasts two-mode technology, providing seamless transition from a high-powered V8 mode to a 4-cylinder gas and electric hybrid mode. Seemingly impossible only a few years ago, this engine design gives the Chevy Tahoe a MPG highway efficiency rating and 22 MPG for in-city driving. Meanwhile, their Toyota Highlander Hybrid actually achieves a 33 MPG highway and 34 MPG for city driving. This sort of advanced engine technology allows MPG Car Rental patrons to enjoy all the rugged power and cargo space of these elite vehicles while expending the same modest carbon footprint of a small sedan. 

In Los Angeles, MPG Car Rental provides eco-conscious drivers an opportunity to handle their commuting needs while limiting their environmental impact. Whether comfortably cruising in one of their luxury sedans or transporting cargo or large groups in the brand new, energy-efficient Sprinter Van, you're green-driving needs will be fully covered by MPG Car Rental. Interested in learning more about MPG Car Rental and their diverse selection of hybrid rentals? Check out their options at

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